10 Must-have Bartender Tools Every Bar Owner Must Invest In

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10 Must-have Bartender Tools Every Bar Owner Must Invest In

Essential bartender tools are the items without which a bartender can’t do his or her core job—that is, conjure up wonderful cocktails and other drinks for the guests. We’ve prepared a list of 10 such tools that are absolute must-haves for any good bar that thrives on customer happiness. Every good establishment will make sure its bartenders have the following tools and equipment at all times.

10 Must-have Bartender Tools 

Every Bar Owner Must Invest In

    Bottle opener: Also called bar blades, these are used for opening beer bottles and other glass bottle caps. A simple yet essential tool, a bottle opener can be found in the back pocket of every seasoned bartender.

      Boston shaker: A set of two tumbler-shaped shakers, the Boston shaker is the tool you want to have to be able to serve fantastic cocktails, shaken or stirred to perfection.

    Cigarette lighter: Yes, carry it at all times in your pocket. Customers are going to expect you to have it on you. And let’s not forget that you’ll need that fire to ignite cocktail ingredients and shooters—and to light candles and oil lamps and coal for hookah.

    Wine opener: Nope, a bar blade can’t be used to open a bottle of wine. You need a special tool to open corked wines, and you need it carry it on you at all times.

    Set of Knives: Who can ever run a bar without a set of sharp, multipurpose knives!  You need knives for a number of things—from fine-chopping fruits and garnish for cocktails to slicing up lemons, knives are essential and irreplaceable in any bar setting. When you’re ordering a set for your bar, add a chopping board or two to the shopping list.

    Ice bucket and ice scoops and tongs: A no-brainer, you might say! The truth is—you can’t have too many ice buckets if yours is a large watering hole with significant footfall. So don’t cut costs when investing in these essential tools. Drinks that are not cool enough are the greatest put-offs at bars and pubs, you might agree.

      Electric blender: If your establishment delights in serving unique cocktails, a blender is a must in your bar kitchen. Whether it’s making frozen cocktails or blending them or pureeing ingredients, you’ll need a blender to make that perfectly mixed cocktail.

      Can opener: For a bar that offers a variety of drinks, a can opener is another essential tool to have at all times. The logic is simple—if you have canned ingredients in your bar refrigerator, such as coconut cream or canned juice, you’ll need a can opener.

       Muddler: Used to muddle things up, or crush cocktails ingredients such as fruits chunks and sugar crystals, muddlers can also be used when you can’t find the ice crusher.

       Strainer: Invest in quality strainers of varying types, to be used to remove fruit seeds, pulp, ice slivers, etc. before presenting a drink.

Lastly, order your bar supplies from a trusted seller. Procuring bulk bar and restaurant supplies online is fast, hassle-free and convenient, and it might even save you a few hundred dollars by way of discounts and offers.

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