How To Start A Lifestyle Blog: 7 Simple Steps To Follow

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How To Start A Lifestyle Blog 7 Simple Steps To Follow

Online influencers and bloggers don't only have the trendiest and coolest job today, they also are financially and emotionally rewarded. 

How many lifestyle bloggers do you know are living your dream life? 

They travel, they “experience”, they share and they do what they love. 

How to start a lifestyle blog? That is the million-dollar question. 

Where do you begin?

I’ve gathered some simple and practical tips to start building your own little kingdom on the internet as a lifestyle blogger.

But first...

What is a lifestyle blog? 

A lifestyle blog is where you, the blogger, share your life with your readers; your interests, your activities, and your thoughts. It's that simple.

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog: 7 Simple Steps to Follow

1. Find Your Niche

Before you even create an account, think about what your niche will be. 

Your niche is that one topic your blog will be centered on. 

Most people have numerous interests and so their blog niche is wide and varied. 

This is okay as long as you know how to categorize and can talk about each regularly. 

For beginners, the advice would be to stick to a specific topic first.

To find your niche, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your major interest? 
  • What do you love to do? 
  • What are you most knowledgeable of? 

Knowing and having your own niche is important in blogging because:

  • Your niche will attract your target audience. 
  • You will be considered as an expert on this topic. 

If you haven’t established a following yet, stick to one topic so as not to confuse your readers. 

A confused reader will unlikely return.

Step 1 to Start A Lifestyle Blog: Find a niche

2. Choose a platform

The experts would advise choosing WordPress to make your blog look more professional. 

I have started with Blogger (while it was still Blogspot) and so far, no regrets. For me, it is easier to navigate. 

There are numerous layouts now that are either free or paid for that suit your taste and style.

I’ve seen a lot of successful lifestyle bloggers that use Blogger and WordPress. 

Do your research and find out which one works for you.
How To Start A Lifestyle Blog: Choose a Platform

3. Get a domain name

In deciding what to name your blog, remember to...

  • Choose a catchy name so it’s easy to remember. 
  • Keep it simple. 
  • Make your domain name reflect your blog’s niche so people would know what to expect. This also helps in keyword searching. People who want to read about traveling to Southeast Asia will unlikely use the keyword “constellation” in the search bar.
You can buy a domain name to make your blog look more legit and professional. It is a small but important investment.

It is tempting to use your name as a domain name but experts suggest against it. Especially if you’re not a celebrity. 

Some use their names and it works just fine. Just put in the work of increasing the traffic to your blog. 

Step 2 to Start A Lifestyle Blog: Get a domain name

4. Get your own url

Nothing says professional, official, and authentic than having your own .com. There are many hosting services to choose from now.

Do your own research (yes, research is a big part of blogging), which one is best for you as most of these services offer promos and discounts all the time.

They can also offer other services like customized email addresses and plugins.
Step 4 to Start A Lifestyle Blog: Get your own url

5. Design your page

Your page is your online home or presence so to speak. 

It is like welcoming your visitors into your sanctuary and offering them what you know and have.

Design your page to reflect your personality and niche. Make it show your signature. 

You’ll be spending a majority of your life on your blog so might as well create one that you’ll be always happy to visit.


Make sure your website is not only pleasing to you but that it also appeals to readers. 

Some font colors are too painful and strenuous to the eyes. Some background music or designs are too distracting.

Your reader's experience is important. When they find it hard to focus on the content, they leave and most of the time, they never return.

Step 5 to Start A Lifestyle Blog: Design your page

6. Research

It's never-ending research. 

Be diligent in finding answers and tips online to help you with your content. 

Research also helps you find solutions when you encounter technical issues.

The world is bursting with fake news nowadays. 

Do your own research before publishing something to double-check the authenticity or credibility of the topic.

Be someone your readers can trust.   

Step 6 to Start A Lifestyle Blog: Research

7. Write great content

Content is still king.

No matter how appealing your domain name is...

Even if you have the most impressive web design...

If you write like a robot, no one would want to follow your blog.

Write interesting, informative, inspiring, funny, or stirring content.

Proofread. Double chekc speling. (See what I did there?)

Give people a reason to hit that Share button, leave a comment and recommend your blog to their friends.

Most importantly (and this is what I strongly suggest,), write honestly and from the heart.

Write for people and not for SEO ranking.

Step 7 to Start A Lifestyle Blog: Write great content

When you do what you love and you love what you do, you hit the sweet spot between profit and passion. That is your purpose.

Keep these tips in mind and don't forget to always bring your patience, perseverance, and positive attitude. 

Because successful blogging is not just about posting a photo or a frivolous hobby. 

It involves a lot of hard work.

If you believe blogging is your purpose, the best time to start a lifestyle blog is today.

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  1. Oh, I could talk blogging forever! Even after 11 years.

    Loving the community it's brought, the people {like you, Lux!} I've met along the way.

  2. I feel like these tips are relevant to a lot of different types of blogs and not only lifestyle ones! But great post :D