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From Wedding Ad Models To Real Life Married Couple

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From Wedding Ad Models To Real Life Married Couple

Do you believe in destiny? It’s a curious thing how out of billions of people in the planet, we find one whom we can call our soul mate (Song of Solomon 3:4: I found him whom my soul loves). Sometimes the journey is long before finding “The One”. For some, it comes easy. It’s funny how fate brings two people destined to be together. Take Barry and Belle for example. From wedding ad models to real life married couple. Stories like that remind me that love finds a way. Always!

A story of Destiny:
From Wedding Ad Models to Real Life Married Couple

In year 2010, Barry and Belle met as models for a wedding ad campaign in Singapore. They started out as friends but people could already see how comfortable they were together.

Have you seen Hotel Transylvania? There was a moment when the characters Mavis and Jonathan met and they “zinged”. It may not always be like so in real life when two people meet, but there sure is a certain spark that they either deny or not notice due to some reasons.

Sometimes it could be because you’re still with someone or is focused on another person or priority. Or because funnily enough, love happens when you least expect it and with the person you never thought you’d fall for.

Barry and Belle were busy doing what they’re paid for to do; shoot for a wedding ad. In between takes, they would chat, take photos and enjoy the location for the 2-day photoshoot.

Wedding Ad Models To Real Life Married Couple

Although it was a little challenging for the team to keep the fresh wedding vibe due to the weather in Sentosa Beach, the two did enjoy each other’s company.

The second day of the shoot was honeymoon themed and they enjoyed that day as well.

I think the whole shoot was destiny’s way of showing them the possibilities of being together in real life. That they can be comfortable with each other, and life is easy when you spend it with the right person.

Because fast forward five years after their ad photoshoot, Barry and Belle officially tied the knot!

I’m sure there were ups and downs in the five years of their journey before that. There were reroutes, dead-end and paths they’re both unfamiliar with. But what makes the ride exciting and worthwhile more than anything is the person you are walking with.

In the end, love conquers all---and the real wedding came to pass.

So beautiful!

According to Plato, in Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.

Zeus had every reason to be afraid of their power.

How beautiful it is to finally find your other half who can make you feel like you can do anything as long as they're holding your hand.


We all have our own unique story. And what I love is that real love stories, like that of Barry and Belle are more beautiful, colourful, and more fascinating than what we see in movies. 

Barry and Belle are solid proof that love moves in mysterious ways and that if it’s bound to happen, it will happen. You just got to have faith.

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  1. Wow, such a great and interesting story. Love the wedding pics <3

  2. Have a great day <3 Kisses <3

  3. So true. Having failed once in love, I found my other half-half in the most peculiar way. Glad it happen, but not a fairy tale akin story, we have our ups and downs, but growing old together is the best beauty of it.

  4. very dreaming!
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  5. Oh, so sweet! From wedding ad models to real life husband and wife 5 years later! Barry and Belle look so amazing, I do believe in destiny!!! That is the total proof! Hope you have a lovely evening!

  6. That’s so cool, dear! xoxo