5 Cool Reasons To Call Your Boyfriend Unique Nicknames

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5 Cool Reasons To Call Your Boyfriend Unique Nicknames

We all have our love language

But how do you express your love and affection verbally? 

How do you keep your relationship interesting and keep the spark by simply talking to your significant other?

In an intimate relationship, using pet names is a sweet way to express fondness towards your partner.

What makes it extra special is that anyone can call them by their name but the unique nickname you call your boyfriend is exclusive only to you.

Here are 5 cool reasons you should start calling your boyfriend unique nicknames.

5 Cool Reasons to Call Your Boyfriend Unique Nicknames

1. It makes him feel special.

When you call your boyfriend cute nicknames it makes him feel important and endearing. 

You may refer to your close friends as "honey" or "sweetheart" but giving your partner a name that's exclusively his own shows him and others that he has a special place in your heart.

Choose a nickname that refers to his personality (Snuggle Bear) or favorites (Marshmallow).

Nicknames may sometimes make other people roll their eyes but they will score you points to your man and that's all that matters.

Call Your Boyfriend Unique Nicknames it makes them feel special

2. It can spice things up.

Sometimes a nickname could be developed from your experience or from a special bond you formed through the years.

Some cute nicknames that can make your partner feel wanted and can excite them are: 

  • Casanova
  • Wild Thing
  • Mr. Hunk
  • Loverboy
  • My Lover
  • McSteamy
  • Mr. Big
  • Good Looking
  • Prince Charming
  • Heartthrob
  • Hot Stuff
Call Your Boyfriend Unique Nicknames to spice things up

3. It's a good sign of a healthy relationship.

According to a study, personal idiom usage is a sign of relationship solidarity---even for friends.

There are things that only you and your partner know and sometimes, that includes the origin of the nickname you use for each other.

A unique nickname you call your boyfriend can go beyond being cute. It can also show the depth of your relationship.

Some nicknames that show you have a good relationship with your partner:

  • Light of my life
  • Moon of my life
  • Dearest
  • My better half
  • Apple of my eye
Call Your Boyfriend Unique Nicknames for a healthy relationship

4. It shows that you care.

You won't believe this but even the toughest guy needs love.

Men need to feel that you care for them. Whether they admit it or not, they like the feeling of being babied. 

Calling them Beloved, My Baby, Bubba, Koala Bear, or My Precious can show them you care.

Call Your Boyfriend Unique Nicknames to show you care

5. It gives him a confidence boost.

Calling your boyfriend nice adorable names can make him feel confident with himself, and in your relationship.

He will feel adored. 

When you call him a unique nickname in front of other people, he'd feel like you're letting everyone know you belong together and you're proud to be with him.

Call Your Boyfriend Unique Nicknames to boost his confidence

Final word

A unique nickname can give your boyfriend a sense of belonging. It conveys devotion and warmth.

A nickname though fun should be respectful and not demeaning. It should build your partner's confidence and give him joy. Not make him question his self-worth.

Calling your boyfriend a unique nickname will make your bond stronger and closer.

What nickname is unique between you and your partner? 

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