How To Define Your Cheekbones In 4 Simple Steps

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How To Define Your Cheekbones In 4 Simple Steps

Having beautifully defined and high cheekbones can enhance your facial structure.

But do you know how to define your cheekbones if you've not been gifted with Hollywood-worthy bone structure? 

Online tutorials have numerous steps and countless expensive products to achieve those defined cheekbones of Keira Knightley or Naomi Campbell. 

The good news is that defining cheekbones doesn't have to be complicated. Or costly.

You can create a structured look on your face and define your cheekbones with makeup, a little time and effort in four simple steps.

Step 1: Locate your cheekbones.

Before defining your cheekbones, you must figure out exactly where they are on your face. 

The easiest way to do this is by sucking your lips together like a fish to create hollows in your cheeks.

Place a finger in the hollow of your cheek for each side and slide it up until it contacts the underlying bone. 

This is the area where you should apply contouring.

How to Define Your Cheekbones Step 1: Locate your cheekbones

Step 2: Create the base.

Apply a darker foundation or powder than you usually use along your cheekbones, bringing it toward the middle of your face. 

Ensure that your cheekbones and the apples are covered with the foundation that suits your skin tone.

Blend them all together using a soft brush or a beauty blender.

How to Define Your Cheekbones Step 2: Create the base

Step 3: Apply a cream blush.

Create a brighter, more alert look by applying a small amount of cream blush to the apples of your cheeks.

How to Define Your Cheekbones Step 3: Apply a cream blush

Step 4: Use a highlighter to add the definition.

To accentuate and make your cheekbones look high, apply a shimmering highlighter across the top of the bone, starting at the outer edge of the eye and sweeping it upward toward the temples. If you want more information and details on changing your cheeks, this website can help.

How to Define Your Cheekbones Step 4: Use a highlighter to add definition
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Define Your Cheekbones

Are you blessed with high cheeks like Cameron Diaz or Halle Berry? 

It's okay if you're not.

Follow these 4 simple steps to define your cheekbones and achieve that sophisticated, structured, and stunning look.

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