Do Houseplants Attract Mosquitoes

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Do Houseplants Attract Mosquitoes

We all love greenery, for it can instantly add a clean and green quotient to your decor. Whether it’s your garden or indoor, plants can make any dull environment enliven and bursting with life. But, when it comes to house (indoor) plants, we all are confused and taken aback; whether they usually attract mosquitoes or not?

Do Houseplants Attract Mosquitoes?

Although, we have seen that mosquitoes are uncommon in indoor plants, but still there is a possibility of mosquito breeding in still water. The most common flying pest or mosquito is fungus gnat that is easily found flying on your favourite indoor house plant. Mosquitoes can make any decor or space into a nightmare because of the constant itching and patting involved to get rid of them.

If you truly are a nature lover and have indoor plants but struggling to find ways to do away with mosquitoes and pests, the following tips can be of some great help to you:

One of the easiest tasks that can help prevent mosquito breeding is to ensure that you flush your sump pump daily after watering the plants.

Always, when you end up watering the plants, make sure that you remove saucers that have excess of water. Also, its best if you wash the most frequently used saucer to destroy the mosquito eggs withdish soap. Furthermore, don’t forget to invert the saucer, to dry it completely.

For Fungus Gnat Control in indoor plants:

Water the plants only to the 1/2 or 1 inch of soil that can quickly dry.

Planting the pots in potters which have quick and fast drainage mix can help the plant to soak and absorb water more quickly. This way the soil does not remain wet for too long and the moisture is not retained. While keeping indoor plants, also check that there are no containers with still water as it can easily become the breeding site of mosquito eggs.

Burying raw potato peeled slices in 3/8 inch deep in the soil can help the infested soil to get rid of the mosquito and fungus gnat larvae. It’s recommended to change the potato slices weekly.

Also, applying Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies or nematode feltiae can kill fungus gnat larvae or mosquito eggs that are breeding in the soil of the indoor plants.

Considering all the above said points, it’s also known that mosquitoes can easily get drawn to water. There are plants that can certainly attract mosquitoes such as water lily, water -hyacinth, water lettuce, papyrus and taro. It’s better if you refrain from potting these plants indoors.

But fortunately, there are few indoor plants that may help repel mosquitoes and add to the liveliness of your space & decor.

Plants like citronella grass, basil, catmint, lavender, garlic, rosemary, cedar, bee balm, lemongrass, lemon balm, lemon scented geraniums, cadaga trees, clove, floss flower, lemon thyme, mint, lemon eucalyptus, nodding onion, pineapple weed, pitcher plant, worm wood, snowbrush, sweet fern, stone root, tea tree, tansy, vanilla leaf and bergamot. This was a short list of plants that can help keeping mosquitoes, insects and pest away.

It can also be said that indoor plants may or may not attract mosquitoes depending on the breed and type of the plant. So, if you are struggling to find ways to get rid of mosquitoes and pests, its best that you consult a pest controlling service and take the required initiative and steps.

By simply following above mentioned tips, you can easily plant your favourite indoor Houseplant without sweating over the tension of flying pests and mosquitoes ruining the look and feel of your indoor!

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