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10 Lessons Learned From Being A Middle Child

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Being a middle child is tough. But like anything else in life, you live it and you learn from it.

10 Lessons Learned From Being A Middle Child

1. Flexibility.

You adjust to your older siblings as they transition from childhood to adolescence and you still manage to be the playmate of your growing younger siblings. You get to be the younger sibling and the elder sibling at the same time.


2. Independence.

The eldest and the youngest get the most attention. You realize that not getting enough attention has its advantages. You tend to yourself and you do things without supervision and help early on.


3.  Self-discipline.

You don't get the special treatment that the older siblings get nor the pampering the younger ones receive. This can teach you discipline as you learn early on the difference between your wants and your needs...because you're only given what is needed most of the time.


4.  Simplicity.

Most of your things are hand-me-downs. So you learn to live simply. You inevitably become a minimalist. You're not the type who goes crazy if you don't get what you want. You can deal with just having enough.

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5. Generosity.

Having younger siblings (and sometimes, older siblings who can't seem to have enough and wants to take what little you have), you learn to become generous and charitable at an early age. You learn not to get attached to your things because you know you won't have it for long anyway.

Giving seems natural to you. You can't bear the thought of having something without sharing it to others.

6. Empathy.

As a middle child, you become empathetic and understanding. You know how it is to be the elder and the younger sibling. You can easily relate to both sides. You can easily relate to anyone.


7. You are your own hero.

Sometimes Most of the time it's frustrating that nobody listens when you speak. The older siblings are always right because they know better so your ideas are often dismissed. The younger ones are also always favored.

You're always expected to be the obedient younger sibling to the elders and the selfless older sibling who always gives way to the younger ones.

Nobody cares about what troubles you, but everybody seems to drag you into their mess. In the end you become your own hero.

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8. Solitude.

You don't mind being alone or doing things on your own. Studies show that being a middle child makes you prone to depression because of the feeling of neglect you've received growing up.

Not always the case though. Take for instance the introverts who revel in their alone time.


9.  Selflessness.

You learn to give way because it's not all the time that your good work will be rewarded or recognized. They're often overlooked due to the achievements of the eldest which is always first in the family or the "baby" is too adorable to have done something amazing.

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10. Patience.

You become patient. Because you have to wait for your folks to give you what you need as they prioritize your other siblings' demands, you develop your patience.  

Being the middle child has its pros and cons. I'd like to believe that all of the things that a middle child has to go through worked well for me. 

I'm able to relate well with the people I meet and I feel like I get the best of both worlds.

I am in a "neutral" place where an older or younger sibling has never seen the beauty of.

Being a middle child sure is tough, but it's an adventure like no other.
It's a privilege to be born in the middle.

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  2. LOL! I removed my comment! Thanks for sharing Lux. I love your version of a middle child, especially #2, getting away with things though I don't think that happened to me. I can relate to almost all of it. Now my turn to give you my version, I hope you don't mind! ;)

    1. Not at all. I enjoyed reading your post. :)

  3. Nicely done, Lux! I have three children so it was interesting to think of my middle child when I read this! I'd say you turned out very well! :) That gives me hope....I'm glad I met you too!

  4. These are all true! Being a middle child, all these lessons spoke to me.

  5. I am a middle child too, Lux! This was sooooo good! Sharing on my page! Thanks for all these great insights. You're so wise, my friend. <3