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10 Lessons Learned From Being A Middle Child

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10 Lessons Learned From Being A Middle Child

Ah, the middle child. The often-overlooked gem nestled between the shining star eldest and the adorable baby of the family. Being in the middle can be challenging. That's why the Middle Child Syndrome exists. But it's an adventure. It's a crash course in adaptability, among many others. I should know. I'm a middle child, and here are ten lessons I've learned from being one.

1. Flexibility

Life is a constant dance of change, and you, my friend, are Fred Astaire with tap shoes for brains. You learned to adapt to your older sibling's metamorphosis from playful kid to moody teenager while becoming the coolest playmate your younger sibling could ask for. You're the bridge between worlds. The chameleon blends seamlessly into any situation. 

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2. Independence

Let's face it: the spotlight often shines on the first and last acts of the family play. But you, the middle act, learned a different kind of magic – self-reliance. You honed the art of fending for yourself, entertaining yourself, and figuring things out solo. You're the resourceful MacGyver of your life, which is a superpower.

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3. Discernment

While the eldest basked in firsts and the youngest melted hearts with innocent eyes, you developed a keen eye for the real deal. You learned to differentiate between wants and needs, to appreciate what you have, and to make the most of every opportunity. You're the wise sage in the bustling family circus, the voice of reason amidst the whirlwind.

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4. Simplicity

Hand-me-downs weren't just second-best. They were a crash course in minimalism. You learned to appreciate experiences over possessions, to find joy in the simple things, and to be content with enough. You're the minimalist master who knows that true happiness isn't measured in material possessions.

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5. Generosity

With younger siblings vying for your toys and older siblings sometimes forgetting to share, you discovered the beautiful act of giving. You learned to share your candy, time, and heart, spreading generosity like confetti. You know that happiness multiplies when shared.

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6. Empathy 

Being the bridge between ages and personalities gave you a strong sense of empathy. You understand the joys and struggles of both the big kids and the little ones, the anxieties of the achiever, and the vulnerabilities of the baby. You're the therapist in sneakers who holds space for everyone's feelings.

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The Simple Catholic

7. You become your own hero. 

You learned to be your own champion in the hustle and bustle of family life. You discovered the joy of self-reliance, the confidence in finding your path, and the strength to celebrate your victories. You're the lone wolf with a pack on your back, the adventurer who knows that the most remarkable journey is the one within.

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8. Solitude Sanctuary

Not everybody needs a constant audience; you are perfectly okay with that. You discovered the beauty of quiet afternoons lost in a book, the joy of introspection, and the power of simply being alone with your thoughts. You're the introspective explorer. And let's be honest, having a lot of siblings could be loud and noisy. So silence gives you a chance to breathe and just be.

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9. Selflessness

Stepping aside while others take the spotlight taught you the art of selflessness. You learned to celebrate the victories of others, to prioritize the needs of the family, and to find satisfaction in quiet acts of kindness. You're the unsung hero, the backbone of the family, who makes the world a better place without expecting anything in return. God, aren't you amazing? You deserve a standing ovation.


10. Patience 

Waiting for hand-me-downs, sharing toys, and navigating family dynamics all honed your patience like a diamond in the rough. You learned to wait for what you deserve, to appreciate the good things that come slowly, and to savor the journey as much as the destination. You're the master of calm amidst chaos, the one who knows that sometimes, the most extraordinary things in life are worth the wait.

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Lessons Learned from Being a Middle Child

Being the middle child has its pros and cons. Everything a middle child has to go through worked well for me. 

I can relate well with the people I meet and feel I get the best of both worlds.

I am on neutral ground. A place where an older or younger sibling has never seen the beauty of.

Being a middle child sure could be challenging, but it's a journey unlike any other.

Being born in the middle is a privilege I wouldn't trade for anything.

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A fun video about being a middle child from BuzzFeed As/Is:

Are you the eldest, youngest, or the brilliant middle child in the family? What do you love about your birth order?

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  2. LOL! I removed my comment! Thanks for sharing Lux. I love your version of a middle child, especially #2, getting away with things though I don't think that happened to me. I can relate to almost all of it. Now my turn to give you my version, I hope you don't mind! ;)

    1. Not at all. I enjoyed reading your post. :)

  3. Nicely done, Lux! I have three children so it was interesting to think of my middle child when I read this! I'd say you turned out very well! :) That gives me hope....I'm glad I met you too!

  4. These are all true! Being a middle child, all these lessons spoke to me.

  5. I am a middle child too, Lux! This was sooooo good! Sharing on my page! Thanks for all these great insights. You're so wise, my friend. <3