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Keeping Your Little One Safe: 5 Life Hacks To Babyproof Your Home

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5 Life Hacks To Babyproof Your Home

As a mom or dad, all you want is for your baby to be safe and sound. 

Little accidents are inevitable. But you can do more to prevent them from happening. 

Unless you live in a padded room, you need to baby-proof your home to keep falls, slips, bumps, bruises, and boo-boos to a minimum.

While there are many babyproofing products in the market, you might get shocked at how expensive they are. 

So you ask, "How do you babyproof your house in a cheap way?"

Here are 5 life hacks to babyproof your home and keep your little one safe...without breaking the bank.

5 Life Hacks To Baby Proof Your Home

1. Cushion Sharp Edges with Foam Pipe Insulation

Aside from keeping the room temperature safe and comfortable for your little one, you need to cover the sharp edges of your furniture and fixtures to prevent accidents.

You can do this by using foam pipe insulation. It’s perfect for coffee tables, armchairs, and other furniture with sharp edges and corners. 

Foam pipe insulation is available in your local hardware store. You won’t worry about bumps and wounds anymore.

Babyproof your home: cushion sharp edges

2. Foam Pool Noodle Door Stopper

Let’s face it, toddlers love banging doors!

It’s worrisome because once your little one’s fingers get stuck, it’s extremely painful. We don’t want that to happen.

To make a DIY door stopper, get a foam pool noodle in your hardware shop. 

Simply cut, slice, and slide the noodle over or under the door and you’ll prevent the door from squishing your baby’s cute little fingers.

Babyproof your home with Pool Noodle Door Stopper

3. Put a Yardstick to Prevent Your Baby from Opening Cabinet Drawers

Sometimes your child can open and climb up your cabinet drawers. 

To prevent this from happening, get a yardstick, run it through the handles of the drawers and you’re done. 

No more falls. No more scattered clothes and other stuff.

Babyproof Your Home with a Yard Stick in cabinet drawers
via Flickr

4. Apply Duct Tape on Power Outlets

To prevent your toddler from picking power outlets, put duct tape or painter’s tape. Make sure it’s tight enough so your baby won’t easily rip it off.

Babies and toddlers suffer from electric shock often. This is because they bite into electrical cords and poke metal objects into unprotected outlets or appliances.

Life Hacks To Babyproof Your Home: Duct Tape on Power Outlets

5. Tennis Balls To Protect Sharp Edges

When toddlers run around the house they notoriously bonk their heads on sharp table corners. 

To prevent this, get tennis balls, slice them open, and wedge them on the edges of your tables.

It’s dangerous for your kids to bump their heads on sharp edges because this can lead to wounds and serious injuries. 

Also, make sure their slippers or socks are skid-proof to prevent slips and falls.

Life Hacks To Babyproof Your Home: Tennis Balls To Protect Sharp Edges

Childproofing your home is important to keep your baby safe. 

Be prepared to babyproof every corner of your house from the nursery, fireplace, and living room, to the backyard and kitchen. 

These simple life hacks will help you prevent accidents and provide safety to your kids on a budget.

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Hi, I’m a mom-of-three, a nurse, and a budget-wise wife and mother. I make sure we save much on our expenses through frugal thinking, life hacks, and home-cooked meals. I am a shop smart, an expert budget balancer, and a moneywise mom.

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