When In Guimaras (Part 2)

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Continuing my adventure when in Guimaras...

Go island hopping!

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Alubihod Beach Resort

We planned on staying for 30 minutes max. But when we saw the place, we forgot about the time. Pristine water, white sand, and not as crowded as Boracay.

We went for a day trip only, but in case you plan on staying, I've found these info for you.

Cabugan Adventure Resort

We stayed in Cabugan Adventure Resort. That's another boat ride from Jordan Guimaras, the main island. It's in Bgy. Tando, Sitio Duncaan, Nueva Valencia Guimaras.

On the right side of the island is the beach that leads to the islands/islets we were to explore.

On the left is a peaceful lake where you can kayak.

And on the island is where you swing, and eat and be merry.

I love to see dogs whenever I travel to unfamiliar places.
They make me feel at home and safe.

Isla Miguel

Isla Miguel is where I did my first jump into the sea. Overlooking from Isla Miguel is one of the three Crocodile islands in the province.

Floating Cottage

Unfortunately, it's high tide when we came there that the sand bar is not visible. So we just swam some more, ate the famous Filipino dessert halo-halo, and rested for a bit before we resumed the island hopping.

Guimaras Lighthouse, Taklong Island

Another Guimaras Lighthouse with a spectacular view.

According to our tour guide, there are about 200 islets around Taklong Island. It makes a perfect view when you're on top of the Lighthouse.

Surrounding the lighthouse is a white sand beach with clear blue water.

Guimaras Sandbar

My most favorite island during the tour is their sandbar. Oh, it was immaculate. And I like that it's just us. Plus we went in the water and snorkel (no photos of that though). It's scary for me who can't swim but it was mesmerizing.

Traveling is always good when you're with your favorite people

Forgive me for not knowing the exact amount of the fare and the accommodation as the whole trip was part of surprise vacation my friends planned for me. I did gave my share but I wasn't part of the planning so I'm not too sure of the budget. Check out the links from other websites I provided for more details about the places.

Next time you plan to travel and make it worth your while, Guimaras should be on your list. You can never go wrong when in Guimaras.

These wonderful photos are from my friends' smartphones.

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  1. What a great collection of pictures! xx

  2. So cute images!
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  3. Great pictures and beautiful location

  4. These are some beautiful pictures!

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  5. Wow this looks so refreshing and so much fun! I love the expansive stretches of sand and water.. ah you've got me dreaming of summer haha :)

  6. This place has such beauty... I love the white sands and the clear blue water... it is amazing. Definitely a place I would love to visit someday xox

  7. I'm glad you had a great time Lux! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  8. I feel the fun of looking at these beautiful scenes! You're fortunate to have these fun friends! You are very pretty by the way and photogenic.

  9. It looks like you had such a fun time and that there is just so much to do there, which makes me incredibly happy for you! Enjoy :3

  10. Buti ka pa nakalangoy sa dagat. Ako nakapunta rin ng Guimaras pero hindi man lang nagpunta sa beach. :-(