Interesting Facts About Travel Spots In Ukraine

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If you travel to different places in Ukraine, you probably want to know more about its history and interesting facts, covered by amazing architecture and unforgettable spots. proposes you to get to know these really impressive and interesting facts about travel spots in Ukraine.

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Interesting Facts About Travel Spots In Ukraine

The Tunnel of Love

The Tunnel of Love near the city of Klevan is one of the favorite travel spots in Ukraine. This beautiful natural tunnel is said to grant the wishes of visiting lovebirds. Did you know however that three times a day a train actually runs on these tracks to a fiberboard factory? Couples and even singles too are allowed to walk these tracks.

Catacombs in Odessa

You’ve visited the wonderful city of Odessa and its Black Sea beaches, but did you know about the catacombs under this city? Interesting fact about this travel spot in Ukraine is that these catacombs are the largest in the world! There are 2,500 kilometers of them, carved into the limestone that the city is built upon. (To get a sense of how much tunnel system that really is, visit this place. It is only 2,138 kilometers from Odessa to Paris.) The Ukrainian underground used these catacombs during WWII and later criminal gangs used them for their pursuits. You can hire guides to lead you in tours. Do  NOT go down into them alone, because it can be dangerous.

The Priest's Grotto proposes you to visit one more interesting travel spot - The Priest's Grotto, located under the fields of western Ukraine. A subterranean Holocaust refuge within one of the world's longest Gypsum Giant cave systems became the hiding place for a number of Jewish families during the war. They lived nearly a year there which meant that they became the record holders of the longest uninterrupted cave habitation known to mankind!

Pysanka Museum

Kolomyya town is the home of the only museum dedicated to the Ukrainian Easter Egg, the Pysanka Museum. Pysanka design is one of the most interesting expressions of Ukrainian folk art. This ancient tradition developed when people in trying to understand creation had myths that eggs were the source of life in the universe. You will see eggs that have intricate designs and patterns. You can see over 10,000 pysnaka eggs here some of which are over 100 years old. Here you will see not dyed eggs as we see mostly in this day and age but instead true works of art.


If you want to know something special in Ukraine, you don’t need to go too far, just get down in Kyiv metro station, for example to Arsenalna, which is the deepest metro station in the world and was created as the emergency shelter in case of nuclear war.

Know that as you travel around this beautiful country of Ukraine that there is much you don’t know unless you do a little digging to broaden your knowledge. You may be surprised what as you discover these and more interesting facts about travel spots in Ukraine.

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