How To Ask A Girl Out And Succeed

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How To Ask A Girl Out And Succeed

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It seems quite strange that many modern guys still doubt if they should approach the girl of their dreams or not. Despite all those smart means of online communication, humanity remains the same. Men are still afraid of getting rejected and women continue to wait for them to make the first move. In this article, our experts from Jump4love Scam decided to provide you with valuable tips on how to solve that delicate of how to ask a girl out and succeed. 

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How To Ask A Girl Out And Succeed

1. Clarify everything in advance

Before you start conquering her heart, make sure your efforts won’t be in vain. What if she isn’t even single? Better if you know that her heart is free first thing. Next, try to study who she actually is. Perhaps, you already communicate as friends so pay your attention to what type of guys she is into and what things she likes.

2. Is she into you?

As a rule, girls expect guys to take the initiative. Even in our modern times, most women wish to be treated like princesses. Indeed, a rare woman will just come to you and ask you out. If she likes you, she will rather drop some hints. Keep those on your radar! It’s really possible to define whether she is interested in you or not. Just be attentive and don’t run ahead of time.

3. Choose the moment

Asking a girl out isn’t always that simple. Like all other people, she has her own business to deal with. To receive a positive answer, you should pick the moment when she is in her best mood. The atmosphere should be relaxing and casual. Try to detect when she could be in the mood for romance and flirting.

4. Look your best

The way we look hugely impacts other people's impression. Without any doubts, a girl you wish to date should see how attractive you are both inside and outside. Of course, your inner self matters above all yet the exterior helps you draw a girl’s attention to your personality. To ask her out, you don’t have to dress as if you were going to a party; however, your outfit must be fresh, elegant, and clean. Work on how you smell too. 

5. Feel secure about what you do

If there is a manly feature any woman would appreciate, it is confidence. This is probably the most important factor defining our overall self-esteem, which is critical in relationship building. Surely, no girl likes timid guys; neither does your potential date. So while actually asking her out, be calm, welcoming, and relaxed (or at least appear so).

6. Communicate your intention

The way you convey your thoughts to her also matters. When we are truly into someone, we likely get nervous and tense if this person is around. And this undeniably impacts our communication skills. To sound confident and clearly, you should set your mind in a certain way. Better if you plan what exactly you want to say in advance – no, seriously, think it out!

7. Have the plan

This tip refers to various aspects. First, you should pre-plan your potential meetup – when and where it will take place and what you two can do together. Even such romantic occasions as the first dates should run under the proper scenario. Not to mention, your girl will likely ask you a question about it. Second, you’d better be ready to respond to her whether she agrees to go out or rejects you. 

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  1. Great pointers which is essential for men to know, but sometimes, there is no right and wrong when it comes asking out. I think its insights and instincts as well.

  2. Great article and am loving the tips

  3. Having plans and doing things is the best to have the rest

    Melange-Boutique Blog || Instgram

  4. Very nice tips. Sana nabasa ko ito noong akoy na college pa at super torpe. :-P

    But then again I think I didn't need this since I already found the ONE. :-)

  5. Excellent suggestions! I have used several of them but found it prudent to leave it to the girl to decide where our 1st date should be --that was in 1969. We are still together.