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That Dresslink Wishlist Came True

8:00 AM

Because hope comes from in you, 
and wishes are just magic.
-Laini Taylor

That Dresslink wishlist I had? It came true. A few days ago, I got my package.

You see, it's fairly easy to shop at Dresslink.

(1) Register here.

(2) Choose the item you want. They're organized by categories (What's New, Special Offers, Baby's & Kids, Women, etc.). When you hover on each tab, you'll see that some have subcategories. Women for example has dresses, tees, shawls and the like.

(3) Browse and choose. You can easily see the reviews of previous customers, the price, and the ietm description.

(4) Click the item and choose your size, color choice, quantity.

(5) You may opt to Buy It Now or Add To Cart. You may even create your own Wishlist if you're still undecided and go back to finalize your orders later.

(6) Choose your payment method. There are several ways and the number of days the items will arrive is indicated on each method.

That's it.

The Verdict

The items were inside a resealable plastic bag packed individually. Here they are straight outta packaging.

Don't expect optimum quality as they're not expensive to begin with. But I'm not saying the products aren't good. For me they are priced right given the quality of the items.

Just to set your expectations though, the dress came with these (like extra threads) on both sleeves and back. May not be the case for all dresses. No biggie. Nothing a pair of scissors can't solve. Amaryt? ^_^

Korea Ladies Women O-neck Short Sleeve Loose Varieties Of Style Dress Of Your Choice
I'm Asian petite so this is how the dress fits me. You may wear it with a belt.
[necklace and shoes: my own]

New Fashion Women's Golden Chain Envelope Purse Clutch Synthetic Leather Handbag Shoulder Bag Dinner Party
The keywords here are "dinner party". There's only enough space for your phone, cards or wallet, car key, a few beauty essentials and whatnot. It's elegant looking so I like it.

New Women's Warm Winter Skinny Slim Leggings Stretch Pants Thick Footless Tights
It's ideal for cold weather because they really are warm and thick. It fits me perfectly.
[shoes and accessories: my own, top: my sister's :)]

Women Fashion Jeggings Stretch Skinny Leggings Tights Pencil Pants Casual Snowflake Pattern Jeans
We hear jeggings and we think it's jeans that's extra stretchable and comfortable like leggings. But this one's actually leggings that looks like jeans. I already know that prior to ordering because I've read it on the customer reviews section. It really does look like jeans when you wear it. That's what I like about it.
[top and shoes: my own]


Fashion Ladies Women Sequin Decoration O-neck Short Sleeve Patchwork Casual T-shirt
This shirt is not cotton material and it's almost see through. The size (medium) is smaller than we expected as it's exactly my fit and I'm normally size small with shirts. I think if you want to buy this, you consider a size larger just to be on the safe side. [in photo: my sister]


That's it for my wishes.

It's been fun for me. I hope you'll have fun too.
Tell me about it, yeah?

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  1. Gorgeous Outfits :)

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Cute, cute dress on you, friend! And I love those black leggings.

    Looks like you're ready to roll! Have a great weekend ...

  3. Nice items! Thanks for being honest about the quality. I like the dress!

  4. Awww! Yours arrived! You are a great shopper, that's a lot! Great picks dear!

  5. The dress looks so nice on you! Checking out the link now :)

  6. You look great! You're such a beautiful person, inside and out.
    Now, time to go shopping...

  7. Such a fun way to get new clothes! You look so cute in all the outfits, and how fun to be able to get clothes in the mail, so nice! Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

  8. The dress is my favorite. I think you picked the perfect word to describe it: elegant. Very, very nice!

  9. Because of the last post I checked out the wishlist - ...they have really great looking stuff and I can't believe the prices. wow. Your outfits look great on you. I realized I posted a comment on the top post about fashion and I think it was a guest blogger but I didn't realize it until after I made the comment.

  10. Thanks for sharing your great finds!

  11. Oh wow, $0.01, seriously? Will definitely check the site out. Thanks for an honest review about the quality of the items from there, much appreciated. :)

  12. This is definitely a good read for my sister. Will have her check out this post about dresslink

  13. Lovely picks, Lux!! You look lovely in that dress.
    Loved you honest and detailed review.

    New Post:

  14. You look good with that dress. Love the white one with lips :)

  15. Looks like a good deal. Great products and all fit with you. Online shopping is the best choice for 'busy' people and I might like the suprise thing in opening a package. Hehe

  16. what a great way to shop, the dress suits you perfectly. thanks for linking up at #sharethejob

  17. You look gorgeous on that flowery dress and i love the clutch bag too

    How i wish they ship to Nigeria

    Stay blessed Doll and thanks for all your support