10 Possible Reasons Why Women Choose Bad Boys

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We will probably never understand Black Holes. 
Or why women fall madly in love with douche bags.

Why women choose bad boys over nice guys has been a mystery since time immemorial. Even among women, that remains to be an enigma.

Why do women choose bad boys? We will probably never understand.

Here's 10 possible reasons:

10 Possible Reasons Why Women Choose Bad Boys

1. Breaking the rules means fun.

Women want someone who can bring them out of monotony or mediocrity. They want someone who can give them an adrenaline rush. Or someone who can constantly keep them on their toes. The bad guy is a rule breaker. And so the bad guy is appealing.

2. Media's influence.

A lot of movies feature stories about women falling for jerks who are actually nice or turned nice in the end. My personal favorite is Good Will Hunting. Sad to say, even Disney movies like Aladdin and Beauty and The Beast indirectly suggest that not all bad boys are downright evil or worthless.

3. Confidence is sexy

Bad boys exude confidence and confidence is sexy. Nothing is more attractive than a man who knows what he wants and goes for it.

4. Daddy issues.

If you're a fan of How I Met Your Mother, you know that Barney Stinson's favorite "prey" are women with daddy issues. They are discombobulated.

It could be because they're rebelling so they want someone exactly the opposite of their daddies. Or because of homing instinct. They gravitate to what is familiar with them or what makes them feel at home.

5. The challenge.

Men love the chase, women love the challenge. The challenge of turning the rebel into the ideal guy everybody wants to marry, that is.
I guess we can also say that women don't like bad boys because they are bad, but because they like the idea of being responsible for his transformation into the nice guy. That sense of accomplishment to achieve something that seems impossible to achieve must be really enticing.

6. Girls just wanna have fun.

Men are not the only ones who are afraid of commitment or settling down. Since nice guys seem to be the marrying type, some women avoid them. They don't want to be "tied" yet.

7. Solving the mystery.

The bad boy in the story has a story he hides from the world. Again, the thrill in unraveling the mystery behind that bad boy image is exhilarating. Curiosity gets the better of her.

8. Damsel in distress in search of the knight in shining armor.

According to clinical psychologist Dr. Kanan Khatau Chikhal: “Most of these women who fall for this kind of men are intimidated by the outside world. They are shy by nature and are instantly attracted to someone who can take on the world, protect them and take care of them.”

9. Inferiority complex.

The lack of self worth often lead women (or even men) to believe they deserve to be treated like crap. So they look for someone who can give them such treatment.

10. The instinct to care for someone in need.

Women are naturally sympathetic and are born with maternal instinct. They tend to look for someone to care for. They easily feel the need to protect and care for those considered as society's reject or are often picked on.

Admit it. At one point, you want to try something that everybody tells you not to. The idea of the danger involved is exciting. The thrill is too tempting to resist.

And because we are irrational beings (men and women alike), we sometimes get ourselves into messy situations. We want to have as many experiences as possible.

We are blinded by emotions, we lost reason.
We will risk anything for what we believe as love.

Sometimes we make silly decisions that we know we will regret in the end.
Sometimes we get the happily every after we dream of. Most of the time we fail.

What's important is in the end, we learn a valuable lesson. We may choose bad boys at first but we will always strive to bring out the nice guy in them. Because the truth is, women still want to marry the nice guy.

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  1. Great post- so true!


  2. [ Smiles ] I am of the opinion that there are women to suit each character of men; whether they are good or bad.

    Lovely article!

  3. Well-said! Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  4. Number 10!!! I thing so!

  5. Lol, i guess at some point, every "good guy" like me wants to become a bad boy type of guy too who seize adventure. This is just a funny and exciting post because i get to know from a woman's perspective that bad boys are always in. Can you make a list as well about good guys? the perspectives of women about them?

  6. nice read.

  7. Oshey! BaDDest! **Throws Both hands in teh air outta respect. This was a ghen ghen post eh! I must say Bubba... That #5 and #8 were spot on to the friGGing Tee.. I mean seriously.. Guys need Saving and Girls need Rescuing.. Its like a law of life.. :) and a Combination of these 2 for me yeah.. make Dating fun fun fun! hehe Thanks for Sharing Luxxy of Destiny.. Blessings Bubba. xx

  8. I believe you are right "Confidence is Sexy" and what woman doesn't like a man that is desirous of her!

  9. Number 10 is the reason I married my first husband. At least I did learn from my mistake!

  10. Oh how I agree with these, Lux! I always chose bad boys up until I got married. Thankfully I chose well at that point :). My reasoning for my earlier choices was definitely daddy issues but I would qualify for many of your others on the list too.

  11. Love is a mystery isn't it? Good, bad, or otherwise...

  12. interesting post, and true.

  13. Postagem maravilhosa
    Meu canal:

  14. you're so right ... i know a lot of women who gravitate toward bad boys too. though then again, there are others who also like the good boys, heh :)

  15. I agree with a lot of these. I think that girls are just attracted to a guy who seems like can't commit, and they like that challenge of trying to get him to commit to them, because if a guy who can't seem to settle down settles for them, then that somehow makes them better than the other girls.

    I hope that made sense lol

  16. I think number 3 is the most common......
    Nice article...

  17. It all true!

  18. Well said. In this era of social media platforms, well, influence comes from getting impressed with what our friends share.

  19. Can sure go many a way and get lead astray

  20. I think that the instinct to care for another person plays a big role...
    Lovely post!


  21. ;D

    Sou mais os bonzinhos! hahaha!

    Ótima quinta!

    Beijo! ^^

  22. definitely their need to be analytical and solve problems and be challenged with them. No woman can just sit quietly and enjoy the peace, they'll create chaos just to be able to clean it up again.

  23. I agree...maybe more of a challenge but I wonder if it will last ~

    Thanks for the visit ~

  24. I love number three but like you said in the end we will always want to marry the good great post.

  25. I resonate so much to your last two points. I have this personality where I forget how angry I am at the other person and if I feel the other person needs company, I immediately jump into the trap. That happened to me very recently where I don't know if the "bad boy" pretended to be just lonely or was actually laying a bait for me. Thankfully I got out and learnt a lesson.

    Nilu Yuleena Thapa
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  26. This post is so true 😀

  27. So very well-written, Lux. Many pointers stand so true.

    Epsita |

  28. There is just something so sexy about a bad boy, someone who is a little risky.

    Meme xx

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  29. This is brilliant! I used to go for bad boys but now I've got a good one. I like the fact that you've added a "Continue Reading" option, before it was a bit fiddly reading your posts by clicking on the photo

  30. I'm probably strange, but I've never really been interested in "bad boys". I always went for the nice guys!

  31. Hi, Luxie!

    For years I played the role of a bad boy (posturing, posing, pretending and acting out) and I got my share of women. Today, when I think back and remember how I behaved to impress the opposite sex, I shudder and shake my head in disbelief, because I am a very different person now. A woman did not change me. I took responsibility and changed myself. I agree with all these reasons why many girls and women hook up with bad boys. They say "a good man is hard to find." Perhaps women have given up trying to find them and are settling for bad men. It doesn't speak well of women, of men or of society.

    Thank you, dear friend Lux!

  32. All of these points are so true. I know I made a mistake or two with those bad guys out there..but lessons learned for sure :) Hope you have a great weekend! xo


  33. Great post. Thanks for popping by my come again. I hope you have a great weekend! Kizzy x The Dainty Dolls House

  34. Great points indeed. Enjoy your weekend dear.

  35. 10 interesting reasons you have given. I enjoy reading them. Attraction is a strange thing.

  36. Sigh... Thank goodness I'm older and wiser now. Ironically, I have a handsome "bad boy" for a son and he drives me crazy.

  37. I already know that when it comes to books at least, I'm usually not the person who falls for the bad guy. I generally like gentlemanly guys and the more play it safe. I'm all for traditional I'll hold open the doors and tell you simple as it is. I think that's the kind of person who would compliment me better than someone who keeps me on the edge.

  38. The ethernal conundrum Lux, great post! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose new post

  39. Absolutely on point... and I love all the graphics you included.


  40. I am one of those girls actually. Bad boys but we all have the good side inside the heart.

  41. Interesting post! I've never fell for bad guys, but I do find confident men very attractive.

    Jasmine x

  42. You hit it right on Lux. Agree with what you said.

  43. Amazing post!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  44. this is a fun read! :D

    xoxo, rae

  45. This was such a well-written (and funny!) post - and I loved that you concluded that ultimately, women want nice guys. My favourite point was definitely about confidence being sexy.. I guess the trick is to find a confident 'nice guy'!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  46. Such an amazing post! Love the images. Have an amazing new week.

    Style For Mankind

  47. All true, Lux! Fell for my bad boy boyfriend in high school, and now he is my husband, and in school to become a pastor. Life is funny. Thanks for sharing such a great post! Blessings :)

  48. This is really awesome! I've never been one for bad boys, but I think it is something to do with their confidence!

    Rachel xx

  49. Hehe... I've always been considered somewhat of a bad boy. Mainly it's because of my vulgar language and irreverence towards rules I perceive as completely stupid. But in all my years, my confidence has never been referred to as "sexy"... LOL.

  50. I go for the bad boy one too many times... I actually thought I had finally gone for the good guy and found out I was wrong... I am no longer looking for the good or the bad...I'm just going travel xox

  51. Some of these points lead me to believe that women need to fix bad boys. What do you think about this Lux? Is it true? If so, do you think these women are healthy relaters? You got me thinking...

  52. I have to agree with you - these are solid reasons why there are those people who choose bad boys do so. Sometimes it frustrates me how often the bad boy wins out. Especially in literature! When it comes to love triangles I am always supporting the good guy, but the sad thing is that he never seems to be the one who turns out to be on top.

  53. Love that last sentence! No one really wants to be with someone that embarrasses them constantly in front of their friends.