Monday Gratitude List

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Monday Gratitude List
Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life 
is the foundation for all abundance.
-Eckhart Tolle

Monday Gratitude List

Normally, people are grumpy on a Monday. It's the start of another pandemonium; Manic Monday.  

As for me, I choose to start my week with a grateful heart. Gratitude changes your outlook. Gratitude makes you appreciate even what others consider as insignificant things. Gratitude opens your eyes to blessings and makes you anticipate for greater things. Gratitude makes everything seems possible.

Here's my Monday gratitude list:

1.  I just ventured into a new microbusiness last week. Already, orders are pouring in! My cup overflows!

Update: My online dealer shop Human Nature Lucky Shop is now open! So you can order from me wherever you are!

2.  If I can only be in two places at once. My weekends are always full of invites for meet ups, reunions and trips. A beautiful dilemma.

3.  Having the privilege to attend the happiest gathering of the faithful. Every Sunday, I go to The Feast to celebrate the Holy Mass and listen to life-changing, motivational, inspirational and hilarious talks on life, health, relationships and money. Practical teachings for practical individuals who want to live a phenomenal life.  By the way, everybody's welcome to attend. 

4.  Every time I check my blogger dashboard, I'm grateful to see the number of page views from different traffic sources. I started blogging for my own pleasure, as a coping mechanism, and as a portfolio for my virtual assistant part-time job. Then I started sharing about my own failures, my mishaps and the lessons I've learned. The emails I received from strangers from across the globe are just overwhelming.

Sure, there are people who criticize my work from my grammar to my opinions, but they're nothing compared to the "thank you" messages I get. Believe it or not, I also get emails asking for my advice! I don't think I'm qualified enough to do so as I know I have so much to learn myself. But, if sharing my two cents worth can make a difference to other people's lives, I'll do it anytime!

5.  God's plans for my life that are yet to be revealed. People are losing hope and faith everyday. I'm just increasing mine every time. God has always been faithful to me even when I was not. I've ran away and fell a thousand times, but He has never stopped chasing me and picking me up. How can I say no to a love so great and faithful and true?

What's on your gratitude list?

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  1. Wonderful and inspirational list! So glad you joined the Gratitude Linkup. Hope you have a great week... you certainly started it off well! :)

  2. Such a great list. Being thankful is a wonderful way to start the week. Glad you joined the linkup.

  3. What a wonderful list! I love that you're grateful for the "plans yet to be revealed" and any success you've had! :)

  4. thats a nice list. You are hving a ball on the weekends... that's the way