How Can I Not Forgive You?

8:43 AM

How Can I Not Forgive You?

Forgive you? Of course.

How can I not forgive someone who made me better, wiser and stronger? Someone who brought out the worst and eventually, the best in me?

How can I not forgive the person who taught me to never again lower my standards, to never again compromise my beliefs, to never again sacrifice my dignity, and to never again cross oceans for people who would not even jump puddles for me?

How Can I Not Forgive You?

How can I not forgive you for what you did? 

You taught me that it's okay to sacrifice someone for something that I strongly believe in. That it's okay to put myself first before I think about what others would feel or think (to hell with them, right?).

That if I want something bad enough, I can do anything, even make up stories, and lie to someone's face just so I can be where I want to be, and be with whom I want to be with at that moment.

You taught me to be heartless, and to walk away.

How can I not forgive you? You transformed me into the best version of myself today.

Of course, I forgive you. I owe you a lot.

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