Random Pictures While Exploring Boracay

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Random Pictures While Exploring Boracay.

Here's a glimpse of what everyday looks like in this little piece of paradise.

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waiting for our boat for our island hopping.  ahhh, this is the life.

accessories sold everywhere
Boracay ref magnets

low tide

enjoying the wet powdery sand on my feet

thank you, La Carmela for the buffet and the pool passes 

waiting for a customer who wants to get a hair braid
students going around the island with trash bags, cleaning up.  nice!

lamps, wallets and other merchandise

early morning by the seashore with my friend and former officemate Aileen

can't get enough of this fine powdery white sand

before we went snorkeling, we passed by this

wonder how it feels like to live here

on our way to our ATV adventure

i love the "downtown" feel of this area

stores after stores after stores

wind chimes, scented oils, candles, and more

he never spread his tail :P

Happy Dreamland

cutie patootie bee

fresh mango juice

i think i took this without knowing it.  i didn't delete it obviously. i kinda like it.

you can go to Bora with only your wallet and your phone.  you can find everything you need there.  everything.

i love these pens

this place is called the Hobbit House because the employees here are well, short people.  cool, huh?

you can have your name written on these cute pens

key chains

love these native and stylish bags

what a girl wants

of course i bought something for myself too

this looks cuter in person. and i kind of want one on my wall.

in the beach, this is more than just an accessory.  it's a necessity.

my brother would have loved this


my friend Hannie on our first Boracay sunset walk.  can't get enough of the place, she booked another flight
this year.  can't blame her really.

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