Goals for This Holy Week's Fasting

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The purpose of fasting is to be closer to God.

What are your goals for this Holy Week’s fasting and prayer?

I’m not a meat person, but definitely a dessert person. So I’m fasting on sweets and desserts this Holy Week. I’m constantly craving for sugary food.  Now I have to discipline myself. 

I can’t totally abandon Facebook for 40days like I used to; mainly because I manage my and my client's Facebook page.. So I’m only reducing my time online to 1 hour a day or lesser. That may sound like nothing, but for someone like me, that’s a lot.

Why do I need to fast anyway? Because it’s the trend? I’m the one person who does not follow the trend unless I like it.

I was raised a Catholic. It’s not like it was forced down my throat though. I’ve had my share of struggles with my faith.

I did pass through the stage of doubt and confusion. I did went hiatus from the church (a year of drought, believe you me). I stopped praying to saints and even Mother Mary. I think every Catholic (or any faithful) went through the same struggle.

When I was at my lowest, I just held my rosary, and would wake up feeling a little better. Shame on me for doubting Mary’s powerful motherly love and comfort. I didn't just hear or read about it, I’ve experienced it firsthand.

She was there when I was pushing her Son away. How can I run away when she never let go of my hand? 

This Lent, I am reminded of what to focus on. What are my goals and dreams? I have them written down, but I let myself get distracted. This Holy Week, the first reflection is to focus on my goals.

What do I live for? What do I want to accomplish before I die? What do I want to pray for? What will I fast for?

The purpose of fasting is to be closer to God. If you fast and nothing’s changed inside you, you’re doing it wrong.

Fasting is not just starving your body, but making your soul hungry for God.

Fasting is not so people will praise you for being righteous and religious. It’s building a strong bond between you and your God.

Fasting starves you physically so you empty yourself from things that normally preoccupies you, and lets yourself hunger for the significant things.

This is the perfect time to refocus on what matters most.

If God can sacrifice His life for me, a little sugar and Facebook time won’t hurt.

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  1. So true. Fasting is an act of love toward God. I believe it is sacrificing to honor His ultimate sacrifice on the Cross for us. I will pray that you will be strong in your desire to Honor Him this week.

  2. This is a beautiful post, Lux. I, too, am a Catholic (RCIA Catholic of almost 25 years, not raised, though), and appreciate your reminder of the real purpose of Lent and fasting. I think that gets lost a lot. #ShareTheJoy