Dateless On Valentine's Day? 10 Fun Things You Can Do

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Dateless On Valentine's Day 10 Fun Things You Can Do

Dateless on Valentine's Day? What can you do? 

Don't fret.

No romance. No Valentine's date. No problem.

If Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love, then go ahead and celebrate. Have fun!

Love is not exclusive for gooey-eyed couples anyway.  

What is Valentine's Day and why do most people celebrate it?

Valentine's Day is the feast day of St. Valentine. 

He is the patron saint of lovers, epileptics, and beekeepers. 

I know. Wide range. Cool guy.

There's no clear and reliable information about his life and death or on how the whole Valentine's Day holiday started. 

In the present day, we just celebrate it as a lover's day. Or Singles Awareness Day for some.

Why don't you get productive and research it on February 14? 


Here are 10 fun things you can do if you happen to be dateless on Valentine's Day.

No date on Valentine's Day no problem

Dateless on Valentine's Day? 10 Fun Things You Can Do

1. Do Nothing.

Hey, doing nothing can be fun too.

Don't celebrate if you don't feel like it.

Some people don't celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving because of religion, culture, or preferences. You may or may not celebrate Valentine's Day. 

There really is no pressure.

Fun thing to do if dateless on Valentine's Day: Nothing

2. Go shopping!

Different companies offer big discounts and promos for Valentine's Day as part of their marketing.

This is a great time to shop til you drop what your budget would allow. 

This is your chance to save on your shopping list

Fun thing to do if dateless on Valentine's Day: Go shopping!

3. Pamper yourself

What could be more fun than spoiling yourself?

Set an appointment at your favorite spa and get pampered. 

They are most likely having a Valentine's Day promo. Celebrate self-love. 

To love yourself is not just a self-esteem-boosting piece of advice. It is the prerequisite to truly loving others. -Tania Kotsos

Fun thing to do if dateless on Valentine's Day: pamper yourself

4. Hangout with friends

If you're dateless on Valentine's day, don't forget that Galentines is a thing.

Go out with your girlfriends or best buddies. 

They're there for you in your ups and downs.

Why not celebrate love with them on this day?

When you finally find your life partner, you'll have different priorities...and plans for Valentine's Day.

Have a fun time with your awesome friends right now. 

Fun thing to do if dateless on Valentine's Day: Girls night out

5. Give love to others

Send out your love to the people around you

I have a guy friend who gives flowers to all his gal friends on Valentine's Day. Another friend gives chocolates

It's thoughtful and sweet. 

And it's fun to watch your friend's reaction to your surprise. 

Not to mention being considerate to those who are also not expecting anything on this day.

Fun thing to do if dateless on Valentine's Day: give gifts to people

6. Watch a concert or Valentine's show special

Your favorite artist may be having a show on this day. 

Watch a concert with friends who are also fans. 

Chances are, you'll be so entertained that you forget about making a big fuss about being dateless on Valentine's Day.

Fun thing to do if dateless on Valentine's Day: Watch a concert or show

7. Travel

Grab promo flights or hotel discounts offered on Valentine's Day. 

Traffic may be really bad around this time, and that's no fun.

So plan your trip ahead of time.

Fun thing to do if dateless on Valentine's Day: Travel

8. Staycation

If you'd rather stay at home, you can! 

And so far, that's the wisest thing to do to avoid traffic, long lines, and the temptation of spending more than you need.

Watch a rerun of your favorite show or have a movie marathon

You can invite your other dateless friends

Valentine's Day-themed movies are a thing, but you can watch horror-thriller if you want. 

No one's going to stop you.

Read a good book

Play games. 

Cook for yourself. 

Or spend your time with those who love you unconditionally----your dogs!

Fun thing to do if dateless on Valentine's Day: Staycation

9. Tick off that to-do item on your list.

Your friends may be busy today, and this could be your chance to do that thing you've always wanted.

What thing?

Maybe that book you haven't finished reading yet.

That art project you started years ago.

That meal you've wanted to cook since you've tried it.

That closet you've always wanted to organize.

That friend you've been planning to call.

That place you've wanted to visit.

Who's got the time to worry about being dateless on Valentine's Day when you've got some fun things to do lined up?

Dateless On Valentine's Day tip: do that thing

10. Carpe diem

Carpe diem. Even though you find it hard to believe right now, you won't be dateless forever.

So while you still have the opportunity to spend more time with yourself, enjoy it. 

Seize the day. Dateless on Valentine's Day or not, live in the moment. 

Be genuinely happy where you are.


If you're unhappy being alone, you won't be happy in a relationship. Happiness comes from within and not from other people.

Fun thing to do if dateless on Valentine's Day: Seize the day

Appreciate the untroubled life of being dateless.

No pressure. No worrying about what you're going to wear, what gift you will buy your partner, or how you will surprise them.

No hassle. The trip to the restaurant could be challenging with the number of people who will also be out on Valentine's Day.

No problem. Don't listen to the lies of marketing telling you to buy flowers or be out there with everyone else.

If you're only going out on a date because you're scared to be dateless on Valentine's Day?

Learn to enjoy your own company because if you won't, who else will?

What do you usually do on Valentine's Day? Any suggestion for the dateless?

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  1. an absolutely perfect post. thanks for the uplift!

  2. Such great ideas, I am spending my vday with my doggies :D hehe

  3. I like this post. Good things to do if you are on your own on Valentine's Day.

  4. Hi again, dear SuperLux! If not for your pokes on my blog I would not be aware of these updates on yours.

    When I was young, Valentine's Day loomed large. There was a stigma of shame and humiliation attached to being single on that special lovers' holiday. As you grow older you will find that most of that pressure vanishes. My advice to those who are single this weekend is to practice unconditional love. Find a lonely, homeless stranger and buy him or her a hot meal. Visit the forgotten elderly in a nursing home and make their day and yours. Focus outward rather than inward. Be kind to everyone you meet everywhere you go and you will find that your selfless good deeds come back to you.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you, dear friend SuperLux!

  5. Great post...what I'm about to do is shop on that day lol. I think that would perk me up :).

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  6. Great post! I love the idea of spa treatments and dinner with the girls. One of my friends and I did something similar one year when we were both single and it was a blast. :) Doing nice things for others is also a great way to spread love.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  7. Hi Lux! I think the idea of going to a spa is a great one. Why not celebrate yourself? After all, if I don't love me, then it will impossible to love others. The gift of ourselves is the greatest one we will ever get!

  8. I am all for celebrating self love. I think that should be celebrated before you love someone else. Amazing post

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  9. Awesome post, and great suggestions! Yes self love is so important, thank you!

  10. I am one of those dateless people this Valentine's day xD But yes, there are so many things we could do! All those promos to take advantage of and also self love. I think I will be doing some of that self love this morning, and then in the evening I have a sweet sixteen party to go to!

  11. These are some great ideas! I agree that self love and treating yourself is key to happiness.

    Rachel xx

  12. You have some wonderful ideas here! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  13. My hubby is onbord the ship, but I don't have to be grumpy today:) I am just loving my life and just like your tips, there are lots things we can do. By the way, I am going to visit my sick sister this weekend. And that too is love:)
    Most of all, I am thankful for God's love who is present all the time:)

  14. I would not like to mix this up with commercialism and consumerism, there are countless ways to show love!

  15. beautiful picture!

  16. Rightly said.... Love is not exclusive for the gooey eyed ones.

  17. An excellent uplifting article - when I was single, I also liked the fact that those guys who were out on Valentine's Day were genuinely single, sometimes you can't tell!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  18. Great suggestion for the single people. Happy Valentine's Day.

  19. i like many can get caught up in not having someone to love...
    but today can an excuse to love yourself...or someone you know that needs love...

  20. My Valentine and I are going to dinner and a concert tonight...

  21. Très jolies citations sur l'amour ♥

    Bisous et bon week end


  22. Thank you for thoughts on showing and doing love just because.

  23. I think your self-love suggestion would be most appealing to many of the humans I've encountered!

  24. I'm dateless on Valentine's Day but that's okay! I bought potted tulips, strawberries, and sparkling cider for myself. I need a little time alone to de-stress like this. :)

  25. A great list of such fun things--and things that can make any day special :) I may have a date for Valentine's, but I loved spending it with my girlfriends in the past!

  26. I've had many dateless Valentines Day. You've approached this very nicely.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  27. Great tips babe!!!
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  28. Good advice. I'm married but we don't celebrate anyway.

  29. Thank you for sharing these tips! There are still plenty of activities to do so no need to feel down.

  30. great suggestions. i like the idea of a movie marathon at home ... it's convenient and it's fun! :D

  31. I agree that there are all different ways to celebrate! Whether you're by yourself, with friends, or with someone you love, the most important thing is to do something you enjoy. It's an excellent way to alleviate the winter blues! Hope you had a good one, SL!


  32. Great post! I love the suggestion of celebrating self love.

    Jasmine xx

  33. Beautiful words! Greta v-day tips for the singles!

    xx /

  34. Wonderful post!
    Have a nice week end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  35. Great post and suggestions :) I had date yesterday with a bottle of vodka, so I also celebrated this day :)

  36. You have excellent tips for singles on Valentine's Day or any day for that matter!

  37. Happy Valentine day, great advice~

  38. Sounds like some great things to do. Here, great time to fill up food pantries for those in need.

  39. Great ideas --since many people are not in relationships on Valentine's Day. I love the idea of pampering yourself... I also like the idea of going out with friends... All of that is LOVE anyhow!!!!


  40. Amazing tips for Valentine's Day!
    So inspiring...:)
    Many thanks for sharing.

  41. I really enjoy your thoughts and suggestions. Hope you had an excellent Valentine's Day. Thank you for your comment about old postcards and receiving them from your father when you were little. I wonder what you think ... In this era of the WWW, do you think a Tweet or Facebook post would be as memorable as the postcard was years ago?

  42. Great post! Beautiful picture!
    Have a nice week end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  43. Great post for anybody, no matter if in a relationship or not :)

  44. Nice suggestion , happy valentines day !!


  45. Great tips!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Angela Donava

  46. boosting and very positive tips for singles (dateless)! :)

  47. Great post! I had a great day out to a local village with the hubs then to a friends house where we played board games :)

  48. This is an awesome list! Love for everyone should be on all days and not just celebrated once a year, and I agree with you on not just being for the "gooey eyed." Great post!

  49. I always learn a lot from your post. Self love is so important. Hope you had a great valentine day.

  50. Aquela máscara deixa os cílios bonitos e naturais. Estou amando! ;)

    O importante é celebrar o amor todos os dias, independentemente se for com o namorado, amigos ou família!

    Ótimo domingo!

    Beijo! ^^

  51. Good one, this post brings different perspective of Valentines Day

  52. Amen dear! Self- love, caring for yourself is important all year round. As women we do not do it enough. Great ideas! Blessings!

  53. I strongly agree with your message on self love. We need a Self Love Day. Then again, that should be every day.

  54. I'm trying to remember what exactly did I do on Valentine's Day. Ahhh, I worked on my laundry then slept while the classic love songs were airing from the radio. Then, I went swimming in the afternoon. It was a great day actually; I had the entire pool with me while the rest of the world flocked to malls for a date.

  55. I love this! I agree. Have fun on Valentine's Day, even if you don't have a date. I had a friend over to watch movies, but I would have been just as happy watching movies on my own with my pup. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  56. I always make a point of completely ignoring Valentine's Day. It usually works for me.

  57. I love this! We don't do much here either, just like an ordinary day!

  58. Would you help me. I also want to know how to add Fb like button on blog. I'd be oblige if you do so. My fb link-

  59. Sometimes I think being dateless on Valentine's Day can be kind of liberating.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  60. It's just another day, after all love should not be all about valentine only but should be an everyday affair.

  61. You are loved and lovely ... thanks for spreading these cool ideas!

  62. We haven't even talked about valentines day so I don't think we are gonna celebrate it.


  63. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

  64. Yes I agree, Love isn't just couples-love. Self love is most important! But there's also motherly love (or parental love), sibling love, etc... Great ideas here! Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop & Link Party

  65. Wow! Excellent ideas for the single on Valentine's Day or even on weekends. My daughter is in this boat and I try to be sure to get her a gift so she feels loved. Not the same, but like you said, you have to love yourself. Thanks for linking on Tuesday Talk this week and letting the single folks know they are not alone.

  66. So there are times we just don't have a date for that special occasion. Get up and go anyway. Treat yourself. I attend church all by myself, while some give the excuse they have no one to go with them. Baloney. Go by yourself. Also buy yourself some nice chocolates and make them last - - enjoy. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

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