Zombies and Peter Pan

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Zombies and Peter Pan

I had a very uneasy sleep last night.

I was tossing and turning for hours and when sleep finally came, I had the silliest nightmare.  

I was being chased by monsters; vampires, zombies and Dracula himself. He didn't look like he does in movies but in my dream I knew it was him. He awoke right there in front of me while I was stuck in a very steep exit. 

It was chaotic. Suddenly I was in the middle of nowhere. Then a familiar place. Then in a forest. Funny thing is that in some scenes, I was surrounded by people I have known since time immemorial and they were not bothered that we were walking among these scary and angry monsters. 

They act as if it's normal. I was scared to death and one friend of mine told me to go and drink coffee (because my body has idiosyncratic reaction with caffeine) so I can sleep because I looked really exhausted.  

I realized, these monsters exist because I believed in them. I created them in my head. The weaker I get, the stronger they become. They feed on my negative emotions and thoughts.  

That night I remembered sleeping with a hateful heart. The negativity appeared to me in my nightmare--- as bloodsuckers and brain-eaters! 

When I realized that this horror movie was only happening in my head and only because I allowed it to, a childish idea came to me. 

Childish because I got this from Peter Pan.

I went in the middle of the forest where my friends and those monsters were, surprisingly acting like nothing's wrong with the picture, and I screamed at the top of my lungs, "I don't believe in vampires, Dracula and zombies!" over and over again.  

And like magic, one by one they fell down to the ground, powerless. 

This sort of leader came running to me to stop me from what I was stupidly doing and tried to wake the other monsters again. 

With all the courage I had left I faced him and said, "No, you only exist because I created you.  You're not real, I don't believe in you".  

Then I woke up sweating like a pig.  

Lesson from this nightmare?

We create our own monsters. Mine was created out of anxiety, resentment and hate that I took with me before I slept. They manifested themselves as vampires and zombies which is just appropriate because they are eating me alive. But the enemy who planted them in my heart will never win this battle.  

Because I know that He who is in me is stronger and greater than he who is in this world.

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