Hair Trouble And The Truth About True Beauty

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That's human nature. 
You always want something more than what's been given to you.

Hair Trouble And The Truth About True Beauty

Everyone, especially women suffer from hair trouble.  

Years ago shampoo commercials featured girls with perfectly straight or "bagsak" hair and convinced the consumers that "bagsak" hair is the standard for beautiful hair.  

Thus, those with wavy or curly hair are somewhat considered outcasts when it comes to hair fashion.  

So off the gullible consumers march to their favorite salons to have their stylists relax and straighten their crowning glories and make it perfectly bagsak like models on TV.

Hair Trouble

I am one of those fortunate few who have naturally straight and bagsak hair. I say fortunate because I have friends who would pay thousands of bucks just to have their hair showered with chemicals unknown in order to achieve that sleek look. I was spared from extra spending. 

I don't know about them, but grateful as I am for my straight and black hair, I still want hair with more volume and not just bagsak.  

I think it looks more lively and princess-like compared to my dull looking straight hair. That's human nature. You always want something more than what's been given to you.

So after that day another TV commercial was shown where another shampoo can add volume to your hair depicting bagsak hair as dull and lifeless, guess what? I found myself in the supermarket buying myself a bottle of that fine solution.  

Finally my dream of having a thicker and voluminous hair is about to come true. It turned out though that the chemical composition of my strands does not go along with the chemicals in that shampoo. 

It gave my hair a certain sweet scent which I love and people compliment, but it gave my hair frizzes making me look like it's always windy outside or as another famous commercial line goes, "mahangin ba sa labas?"

In the end, I stopped using it and went back to the brand I have been using which maintains my annoyingly straight locks, but is hiyang for my hair.  

Trouble is, I get a lot of falling hair. Guess you can never have it all in one bottle.

The Truth About True Beauty

What's the fuss about hair and shampoo commercials? What's all about hair troubles and women's vanity?  I don't know when I started to think about it, honestly. I just know I have to blog about it. 


Maybe because I want to write about the irony of life seen in this simple hair issue. That straight haired people pay to achieve curlier or wavier hair while those born with natural perm want it straighter. 

But as I let out what I think about women, hair trouble and  insecurities and TV commercials, I realized this obvious truth: 

We don't need the media to tell us what being beautiful is all about. 

We should learn to celebrate our uniqueness and embrace our quirks. We should revel with what nature has given us.  

I am not against women who goes out of their way and seek the help of science to improve their looks. I'm just saying it's a matter of how we look at ourselves.  

If you think you need some enhancements or changes to make you feel better and you have the means to do so, go ahead.  

But really, no matter how beautiful you already are but don't see or believe it, science will be useless. You can pay millions for make overs but still feel miserable because of how you THINK you look.

In the end, your belief will lead you to your decision--- to be happy with what you have, or to want more and desire for a better version of yourself. "Better" according to your definition.

I had some insecurities before but I learned early on that I may not have what other people have but, I have some things others will never have.  

I have been masterfully crafted and uniquely engineered. I may not be perfect, but I am made in the image and likeness of the Master of Perfection.  

Beauty is subjective. 

As for me, it's more than just having stylish hair or using the right beauty products according to the beauty experts (those beauty experts are just as human as you and me could ever be). 

It's having the right attitude and being confident knowing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, that you are here for a purpose and not by accident.  

It is living knowing that The Expert looks at you with love and adoration Just The Way You Are.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lux, on this topic! Yes, I agree, the most important thing to remember is that we are masterfully crafted & uniquely engineered by the Master Himself! He cares most about our hearts. Blessings to you!

  2. I have naturally curly hair that is always a frizzball. no matter the products. no matter what. so I get it. we are beautiful - frizz and all.

    thanks for sharing a closer look into your world.