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Maxi Dress for Minis

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I love maxi dresses though I'm...well, mini in size.

One of the pros of being petite is that I can easily fit into clothes, and my options go as wide as from children's to adult section. Trust me, there are better finds in the children's section than in adult's.  

One of the cons is having a hard time looking for the skirt with the right length and the right flow. Needless to say, a maxi dress is one of my frustrations.  But... 

Despair no more fellow cute-sized women, internet is here to the rescue.   

I Googled "maxi dresses for petite women" and to my delight, I found trendy celebs who stand 5'2" and less looking stunning and so lady-like in their long, flowing dresses.

I know what you're thinking. They're celebs, they can pull it off. So I browsed through the net and looked for practical tips to pull off a maxi if you're a mini, celeb or not!

Maxi Dress for Minis

  1. Choose the right length. Choose a maxi dress that falls just right between your ankle and toes. It should be grazing the top of your toes. A little higher and longer than that will make you look off.
  2. Go for solid colors as it gives an illusion of length.
  3. If you choose to go with a printed dress, make sure that the print is not bigger than your fist. Don't go for horizontal prints as well.
  4. Choose a dress with a fitted top and a flowing bottom.
  5. Opt for a V-neckline.
  6. Don't mix solid with prints because it will cut off the flow/color and will make you look smaller.
  7. An empire cut can give a good definition.
  8. Accessorize with a stylish jacket or a belt.

Petite celebs wearing maxi dresses 

Lea Michele

Emma Watson

Hilary Duff

Jessica Alba 
Kristen Bell
Vanessa Hudgens

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Rachel Bilson

Natalie Portman

Ashley Green

Nicole Richie

That's it. Now this mini is off to buy a maxi dress.

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Photos: Google Images

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