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Turning Over a New Leaf: Setting Fun & Practical Fall Goals

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Turning Over a New Leaf: Setting Fun & Practical Fall Goals

Turning Over a New Leaf Setting Fun & Practical Fall Goals

In every falling leaf, there's a hint of a new beginning.

Ah, September! Breathing in that crisp air stirs up something magical in the soul, doesn't it? The world seems to collectively grab a chunky scarf, order a pumpkin spice latte, and decide, "Alright, world, let's give this another go." 

Beyond the allure of crunchy leaves and a new TV series lineup, fall brings a sense of rejuvenation and embracing change. And while many eagerly await the New Year to scribble down resolutions, we savvy folks are already ahead, setting our fall goals. 

Let's face it. Waiting until January to refresh? Honey, that's so last season. 

Benefits of Goal Setting for Fall

1. Natural Momentum

Isn't it fascinating how the Earth knows precisely when to switch gears? As the world dons its autumnal hues, we're naturally inclined to adapt, too. The seasonal shift isn't just about nature's wardrobe change. It nudges us to prep for the winter and anticipate the year's curtain close.

2. Reenergizing and Refocusing

Waving goodbye to those sunny beach days and late-night summer BBQs can be bittersweet. But think of fall as the universe's gentle reminder to recalibrate. With tanned memories of summer still fresh, autumn offers the perfect backdrop to recharge our batteries and sharpen our arrows for the targets ahead. 

3. Harnessing Coziness 

There's something undeniably inviting about the coziness autumn brings. As temperatures drop and daylight dwindles, it's almost as if our couches beckon a little louder. 

But instead of cozying up with hot cocoa and binge-watching shows, why not sprinkle in some indoor projects and self-betterment tasks? Embracing change doesn't always mean making a drastic and painful shift. The warmth of your home sets a serene scene for growth. 

smiling woman holding a pumpkin in a greenhouse

4. Holiday Headstart 

Wait until December to start planning; you might be caught in holiday chaos. Fall goal setting? It's like getting an exclusive VIP pass, bypassing last-minute scrambles. Get those plans on paper now, and when the festive frenzy kicks in, you'll be sipping your eggnog, smugly smiling at your proactive prowess. 

5. Colorful Inspiration 

Who needs a motivational speaker when you've got nature putting on its most spectacular show? Embrace autumn's vibrant tapestry as a visual pep talk, pushing you to welcome transformations in your life with similar grace and splendor. 

Now, let's list some fun and valuable autumn goals at this most stunning time of the year!

11 Fun and Practical Goals for Fall

1. Fall into Your Reading List

Grab your favorite blanket, snuggle up, and get lost in the world of books. Autumn practically screams for stories that mirror its mood - enchanting mysteries or tales that tug at the heartstrings. The world outside is changing. Why not let your reading habits evolve, too? 

Need help to get out of the reading slump? This season provides the coziest vibe for reading. But if you need some tips, read these tips from my personal experience: How To Read More Books: 21 Ways to Escape the Reading Slump.

open book on a woman's lap with blanket and autumn leaves

2. Fall Financial Check-in

One of the most practical fall goals is to ensure you're all good financial-wise. Before the bells jingle and expenses skyrocket, let's get a bird's eye view of our finances. Whether reassessing savings or setting an end-of-year financial milestone, it's time for some fiscal finesse.

3. DIY Fall Décor

Ah, the joy of giving your space a little autumnal facelift! Whether crafting rustic centerpieces or creating door wreaths with fallen leaves, make it part of your fall intentions to infuse a touch of DIY to your home with warmth faster than you can say "pumpkin spice."

4. Autumnal Cooking Challenges

Flavors of fall are downright irresistible. So, why not set a challenge? It could be crafting the ultimate apple pie or concocting a homemade pumpkin spice latte that rivals the coffee shop's. Apron up and let the kitchen experiments begin.

Here's an easy pumpkin spice latte recipe you can try for this challenge from Tiffany's Kitchen.

5. Fall Fitness Fun

Trade those sandy beach runs for leaf-laden trail hikes. Or if the cooling weather sends you indoors, why not join an online fitness class? The goal? Keep that heart pumping, but with an autumn twist.

6. Journaling with a Twist

Autumn, with its reflective ambiance, beckons introspection. Carve out moments to pen down thoughts using fall-themed prompts or whimsical doodles. The rustling leaves outside might rust up some inner epiphanies. DOWNLOAD the Printable FREE Gratitude Affirmation Cards with Journal.

7. Autumn Clean-up

Move over, spring! Autumn's in town with its version of space-refreshing magic. Imagine clearing out clutter to make room for cozy blankets and winter snugness. Think of it as prepping your winter wonderland.

8. Relationships Revamp

As trees shed leaves, it may be time to clear past misunderstandings. Whether reconnecting with old pals over a latte or spending quality me-time, let's renew bonds - with others and ourselves.

9. Nature Connection

Set your sights on the vibrant foliage of local orchards, or plan a delightful afternoon at pumpkin patches. If that's too ambitious, even leisurely nature walks, crunching on fallen leaves, can rekindle your bond with Mother Nature.

10. Digital Detox Weekend

The digital world is vast, but fall offers sensory delights. Pledge to unplug for a weekend, letting the golden landscapes and spicy aromas replace screen time. Trust me, your notifications won't be as vibrant as the world outside.

11. Autumn Makeover

It's out with the breezy and in with the snuggly! Task yourself to swap summer attire for autumn-winter vibes. Fancy a challenge? Try crafting a week's worth of dazzling outfits using 10 items. Game on. Need a new season hairstyle? The internet is a fascinating source for all things trendy.

stylish blonde woman standing in the middle of a trail with autumn clothes and fall background

Embrace Change!

And while the earth celebrates its cyclical ballet, why shouldn't we join in with our own tales of transformation and triumph? Here's to falling in love with fall, one goal at a time! 🍂

What are your autumn aspirations? Have a quirky autumn ritual or a goal that's as comforting as your favorite scarf? Share your stories and dreams in the comments below.

If you have Fall Reading Goals or #SeptemberHopefuls on Instagram, don't forget to tag me @booksandblogs_lux! I'd love to see them and find reading inspirations myself.

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  2. Lux, i love this wonderful autumn post, filled with expectancy, practical suggestions, and creativity! I have my blue pumpkins but that's as fall-ish as I've gotten. The weather is still steamy and humid. No chunky scarfs or fun boots yet!

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    Le Stylo Rouge

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