15 Best Romance Book Series To Keep You Hooked And Swooning

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15 Best Romance Book Series to Keep You Hooked and Swooning

15 Best Romance Book Series to Keep You Hooked and Swooning

Whether you're a Regency period or contemporary love story shipper, a fan of enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, or arranged marriage trope, I highly recommend you read these 15 best romance book series that'll keep you hooked and swooning. These will satisfy every thrill and HEA (happily ever after) seeker out there!

1. League of Unweddable Gentlemen by Tamara Gill

This should be more aptly called the League of Untamable Ladies. This series mainly focuses on the POV of six badass best friends who met at a finishing school in France. Each book is about the girls navigating life after school until they meet the gentlemen destined for them.

Why I love the League of Unweddable Gentlemen series:

  • Smart and beautiful females. Not your damsel in distress. Unlike the women of their time who sit around and wait to be a wife - or mistress - of royalty or nobleman, these best friends have a life of their own. They can support themselves, definitely not needing a man to save them.
  • Trailblazers. At a time when women are only seen as producers of heirs and when it's inappropriate for them to speak their minds, they are unafraid to be outspoken. They break the norm and go against polite society.
  • 🔥🔥🔥 Steamy historical romance.
  • HEA. If there's a promise of a happily ever after, I'm in!

League of Unweddable Gentlemen series reading order:

 League of Unweddable Gentlemen by Tamara Gill

 2. Maxwell Brothers by Layla Hagen

When God was giving away good looks, sexual prowess, money, and possessiveness, the Maxwell Brothers were first in line. So if you want steamy contemporary romance with a lot of heart, enviably fun family dynamics, lovable characters, and a light reading that will make you smile and swoon, read the Maxwell Brothers series by Layla Hagen.

Why I love the Maxwell Brothers series:

  • Unique story and characters. I love how each brother is different from the others, so their story is also unique but equally adorable.
  • Heartwarming and endearing. Is there really still a family that, despite their wealth, is strong in morals and fiercely loyal and supportive of each other? Maybe. But that's what makes this series endearing. The characters are all so lovely and kind that, despite being fictional, they restore your faith in humanity. It makes you want to live in their world.
  • HEA. It is comforting to know that despite each couple's obstacles, a happy ending awaits them.

Maxwell Brothers series reading order:

Maxwell Brothers by Layla Hagen

3. Bossy Seattle Suits by Nicole Snow

The books in this series are loosely connected, but I recommend reading them in order. I just love it when the characters from the other books I read make a special appearance in the book I'm currently reading. It's like watching a movie with a surprise cameo from the big stars. This series is for the sizzling hot off-limits, forced proximity, and office romance trope fans.

Why I love the Bossy Seattle Suits:

  • Witty banter 
  • Swoon-worthy and funny grand gestures
  • HEA
Bossy Seattle Suits by Nicole Snow

 4. The Gallaghers Series by Layla Hagen

Another family blessed with good genes, a big heart, and talent. The Gallaghers will make you fall in love with their easygoing nature, loyalty, and head-over-heels love stories. Of course, they're not perfect, but their working through their flaws and differences makes them relatable and aspirational.

Why I love the Gallaghers Series:

  • Layla Hagen's characters are so easy to love. I'd love to live within the universe she's created. Full of good people that you can relate to one way or the other.
  • Sizzling love story
  • HEA

The Gallaghers Series reading order:

Gallaghers Series by Layla Hagen

5. The Stolen Moments Trilogy by Catharina Maura

I finished all three books in one weekend. Because that's how invested you'll be in Emilia and Carter's story. Starting from an innocent teeny banter, they'll leave you spinning and reeling in love, break your heart, and put it back together again. This trilogy made me an enemies-to-lovers and forbidden older brother's romance tropes fan.

Why I love the Stolen Moments Trilogy:

I made a separate book series review about it because I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions after reading this. No, not all characters are as endearing as Layla Hagen's. In fact, you'll loathe some of them. But, oh! Emilia and Carter's love for each other will redeem the whole story. Prepare some tissues. 

Stolen Moments Trilogy reading order:

Stolen Moments Trilogy by Catharina Maura

6. The Off-Limits Series by Catharina Maura

The books in this series are all stand-alone. Catharina only recommends reading Until You and Dr. Grant in order. And that's because Aria, the lead female character in Until You, is the sister of Dr. Grant in the second book. Aside from the beautiful, perfectly imperfect love stories of Aria, Grayson, Dr. Noah Grant, and Amara, a more profound issue affects them all. 

How are four books related and under one series? Professor Astor is Amara's cousin, and Silas in Bittersweet Memories is Professor Astor's friend. It makes you remember what a small world we live in. And that remarkable, heartbreaking, and baffling things could happen simultaneously, precisely like in real life.

Why I love the Off-Limits Series:

  • Silas and Alana! They're one of my top favorite romance novel couples.
  • I like a light chick lit, but I also love it when there is more to it than just a cute love story - which you'll find in this series. 
  • I love the little mystery in Until You and Dr. Grant and how it slowly unravels as you read it. 
  • 🔥🔥🔥 Slow-burning passion, steamy scenes
  • Beautifully intertwined. The other characters' stories unfold and are lightly mentioned in the other books. I love how Catharina does that! 
  • HEA-guaranteed

The Off-Limits Series reading order:

Off-Limits Series by Catharina Maura

7. The Windsors by Catharina Maura

The Windsors can definitely give the Maxwells a run for their money. Dropdead gorgeous, insanely wealthy, extremely possessive alpha males, and despite all the stature and fame, remain fiercely loyal to their family and the person they're with. This series is not finished yet. Catharina promises to write about the six Windsor siblings. There are only three books published as of this writing. And yes, I am like a kid waiting for Christmas day to arrive for the rest of the series. These are arranged marriage romances. I didn't know I could get to this trope, but Catharina Maura's magic converted me.

Why I love the Windsors:

  • I can't even find the words! After reading the books, especially The Wrong Bride, I've wanted to write a raving review about it. But until now, I'm dumbfounded. It may be full of angst, but IT IS SOOOO GOOD you have to read it. I wanted to reread it, but my heart isn't ready yet.
  • The Wrong Bride will seriously get you hooked. I finished it in one day.
  • The characters are seemingly perfect but also flawed. So human and so unreal at the same time.
  • Like other CM stories, it will make you fall in love, break your heart into a thousand pieces, and stitch you back together beautifully.
  • Ares and Raven just stole my heart.
  • Luca and Valentina (though I didn't like how they were arranged to be together, their love for each other shone through).
  • Despite the whirlwind of love, it's HEA-guaranteed!

The Windsors reading order:

The Windsors by Catharina Maura

8. The Miles Family Series by Claire Kingsley

Want another fun, dependable, and they-must-be-related-to-Adonis-or-Aphrodite family? Then get to know the Miles family. This small-town romance is about second chances, solid friendships, and a quirky family tradition. Claire Kingsley makes me want to abandon the city and glamorous life set up by Catharina Maura, Layla Hagen, and Nicole Snow, drive down the small town, and live in a cottage in a vineyard. 

Why I love the Miles Family Series:

  • The simple life, strong family ties, and heartwarming romance.
  • Sweet love story with steamy scenes that will keep you hooked and swooning.
  • If I have to pick a favorite sibling, it will; I tried. But I can't. They all complement each other and make this family the delightful bunch that it is.
  • You'll love not just the Miles siblings but their love interests.
  • Each story is unique, with plenty of humor and peppered with a bit of seriousness to keep it balanced.
  • It would definitely be fun to be part of this crazy family.
  • Living in the stunning family vineyard.
  • HEA

The Miles Family Series reading order:

9. The Bailey Brothers Series by Claire Kingsley

The Baileys and the Miles are somewhat related because of one character in the story. So the Miles family would make a few appearances in the Bailey brothers' life. Another small-town romance but with a touch of mystery that envelopes the whole town, leading to endless pranks between two feuding families (Baileys vs. Havens). 

Why I love the Bailey Brothers Series:

  • Like the Miles, I love how the Baileys are steadfast, always prioritizing their family.
  • The subtle mystery and how it shaped the town for what it is.
  • The intense love between the characters, especially Grace and Asher (Books 1 and 2) and Levi and Annika (Book 6). It's not just a cute flippant kind of romance. But profound, defying-the-odds sort of love.
  • The female leads and how they're perfect for each brother. They are described as a "wild band of unruly brothers," after all.

The Bailey Brothers Series reading order:

Bailey Brothers Series by Claire Kingsley

10. Jetty Beach Series by Claire Kingsley

Fancy living not just in a small town but near a stunning beach? How about meeting friendly, attractive townspeople who are also fun and sexy? Then Jetty Beach is perfect for you. Not all characters are blood-related, but it's a small town, so they know each other. I've made it my life mission to finish Claire Kingsley's books, and she's made it easy. I'm hooked and swooning on her romance book series, and I'm confident to accomplish that mission before the year ends.

Why I love the Jetty Beach Series:

  • Easy read
  • Sweet and spicy
  • Charming characters. I especially love Clover, Becca, and Gabe.
  • HEA

The Jetty Beach Series reading order:

Jetty Beach Series by Claire Kingsley

11. The Always Series by Claire Kingsley

Technically, two stories and a follow-up novella, The Always Series, is another must-read. Siblings Selene and Braxton and their best friend Kylie will make you swoon and get hooked. Though I think Braxton should have groveled more. Lol!

Why I love the Always Series:

  • It's a long ride for the characters to finally get where they were, but HEA ultimately wins.
  • The loyalty between these three friends

The Always Series reading order:

Always Series by Claire Kingsley

12. Stonewood Billionaire Brothers Series by Shain Rose

Shain Rose writes steamy romance novels about rich and powerful alpha males who love with great passion. She sometimes writes with a mention of violence (think mafia bosses or domestic abuse). Although, in my opinion, the Stonewood Brothers series is the least "violent." Or I'm just more used to sweet and wholesome love stories. But she still writes beautifully, and I promise to also read all her works, especially on the Hardy siblings.

Why I love the Stonewood Billionaire Brothers Series:

  • I love reading about ridiculously rich people to see how their lives are.
  • The female leads are strong women who are the best match for them.
  • Steamy scenes
  • HEA 

The Stonewood Billionaire Brothers reading order:

Stonewood Billionaire Brothers Series by Shain Rose

13. The Book Boyfriends Series by Claire Kingsley

I'm not a big fan of clumsy girls, but I've learned to love Mia, especially as the series progressed. Her obsession with the perfect book boyfriend made her an invaluable sibling dating advisor. Also, not a fan of cocky characters, but the rest of the stories are worth reading.

Why I love the Book Boyfriends Series:

  • Good character development
  • Fun family dynamics
  • Easy to read
  • Steamy 
  • HEA

The Book Boyfriends Series reading order:

  • Book Boyfriend (Secret Identity Romance)
  • Cocky Roommate (Opposites Attract, Grumpy/Sunshine)
  • Hot Single Dad (Forbidden and Single Dad Romance)
  • Her Best Friend (Cute Meet-Cute) - You need to read Hot Single Dad first
Book Boyfriends Series by Claire Kingsley

14. Bootleg Springs Series by Claire Kingsley and Lucy Score

Just when I thought no family could be more fun than the Miles and the Baileys, along comes the Bodines. And while I assumed fraud mystery and stealing squirrels were adorably intriguing in the Baileys, nothing could have prepared me for Bootleg Springs. It's quirky, quaint, and borderline crazy, but it makes me want to pack my bag and move there. There's something magnetic about this series. And it's not just the secret hot springs, the missing person mystery, or their trademark Bootleg Justice. I don't know; maybe it's the Moonshine in everything (you'll have to read it so you'll know!).

Why I love the Bootleg Springs Series:

  • Bootleg Springs is a small town like no other. I wish it was real. But maybe it is, and there's just a secret sign-up sheet like their hidden hot springs.
  • Scarlet Bodine is a force of nature. You'd want to be her best friend.
  • The Bodines grew to be wonderful humans despite their childhood trauma and losses.
  • You'll fall in love with the whole town's dynamics and uniqueness - except Misty Lyn.
  • The way the story tied up and ended in Book 6.
  • You'll be intrigued until the mystery is resolved, but until then, you'll enjoy watching them (or reading about them) fall in love.
  • HEA

The Bootleg Springs Series reading order:

Bootleg Springs Series by Claire Kingsley and Lucy Score

15. Bluewater Billionaire Series by Claire Kingsley, Lucy Score,  Kathryn Nolan, and Pippa Grant

What happens when you have three gorgeous besties, female billionaires who want to live close to each other and away from the noise? They'll build you an exclusive elite subdivision with a three-legged alligator, a cussing parrot, and a stunning beach view with horny dolphins and eclectic residents. 

Why I love the Bluewater Billionaire Series:

  • These are kickass women billionaires who are not only outstanding in their field but also have big hearts and unwavering allegiance toward each other
  • HEA guaranteed
  • Funny
  • Slowburn

The Bluewater Billionaire Series reading order:

Bluewater Billionaire Series

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Best Romance Book Series Recommendation

Want to get your heart rates up and have some happy hormones flowing? How about a dash of exciting side stories like a mystery? I highly recommend you read these 15 best romance book series. They'll keep you hooked and swooning and asking for more. 

Is there a romance book series you love? Drop your recommendations in the comments!

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