Top 6 Reasons Why Every Dog Parent Needs Dog Sniffer

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Top 6 Reasons Why Every Dog Parent Needs Dog Sniffer

Top 6 Reasons Why Every Dog Parent Needs Dog Sniffer When dogs are curious and searching for something, they raise their heads up and “wiggle” their noses up in the air.

Dogs are sniffers and they sniff for clues, signs of danger, their toys that are buried somewhere, treats in your pocket, and the source of the unfamiliar scent they just caught.

They use their noses to find answers the way dog owners use Google search to look for veterinary and health services, trainers or training programs, dog sitters, dog boarding, pet-friendly parks, and restaurants, and answers to questions like “Why do my dogs howl during this ungodly hour?”.

That is exactly what the website Dog Sniffer is for.

What is Dog Sniffer?

Dog Sniffer is every dog owner’s source of helpful information. It’s a search engine for dog parents.

Whether you’re a novice in dog parenting or already an expert in dog rearing, here are the top 6 reasons why you need Dog Sniffer in your life.

Top 6 Reasons Why Every Dog Parent Needs Dog Sniffer

1. Dog Sniffer has a list of businesses every dog parent needs

We all want what’s best for our fur babies.

The best dog daycare. The best vet. The best groomer or stylist. The tastiest and healthiest dog treats. Even the best leash to use when we take them out for their daily walks.

Dog Sniffer offers a long list of businesses that every dog owner needs to know about.

Dining and dog treats

Do you want to know where you can dine with your dogs?

They have a list of dog-friendly bars and restaurants with business hours and contact information. It’s best to contact these places before learning about their rules and menu.

You’ll also find dog bakeries and stores selling your dog’s favorite food and treats.

Shopping with dogs

Some stores would only allow humans to shop inside. It’s a pity to leave your dogs outside, not to mention risky.

You hear news about dogs stolen outside a store while the owner is shopping. Horrific.

If you love shopping and want to bring your dog with you, check out the dog-friendly stores on Dog Sniffer.

If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s crazy fun to watch your dog frantically check out toys and treats inside a store.

You’ll also find online shops on Dog Sniffer where you can conveniently “add to cart” wherever you are.

Dog Healthcare

Our dog’s health is just as important as our own.

So we want to find the best vets and healthcare facilities nearby.

You’ll find animal hospitals, mobile vet services, vet and dog dental clinics, pet rehab, and even health centers that offer holistic care on Dog Sniffer.

When you click on each healthcare center, you’ll find what services they offer and their contact information.

Traveling with your dog

How many vacation plans have you canceled because you can’t bring your dog with you?

And when you need to go, don’t you feel the ache of leaving your dog behind.

Oh, that heart-crushing puppy dog eyes looking at you as if asking, “How can you leave me behind? I thought you love me.”

The look of betrayal.

You’ll need to find a reliable dog sitter or contact a boarding kennel or pet resort where you can leave your dog.

Still, you cannot enjoy your time away because you’d be worrying about them, missing them, and thinking how much you may have hurt their feelings.

It’s every dog parent’s dilemma.

So you plan for a trip where you can bring your dog along.

How are you getting there?

Where should you stay?

What spots are you going to visit?

Should something happen, is there a pet pharmacy or vet clinic close to where you’re staying?  

Is there a dog-friendly park nearby? 

Off-leash dog parks

Your dog will have an epic time, and so will you if you can stroll freely with them in off-leash dog parks.

Some playparks will give your dogs the freedom to run around, play, and sniff around while giving you peace of mind. 

Off-leash parks are the best places for your dogs to get social and explore. You're safe from worrying about the dangers of the outdoors, and they're safe to enjoy and just be themselves.

Don't forget to call and inquire about the rules before visiting off-leash parks.

Answers to these questions can be found on Dog Sniffer.

You can sniff for pet-friendly hotels and accommodations for you and your cute travel companion, as well as places for dog boarding, pet-friendly parks, playlands, and businesses to provide for your needs.

Posh Pooch

You want to keep your doggie pampered and groomed, right?

Who provides the best haircut and styling in town?

Look for dog spas, salons, and grooming centers on Dog Sniffer. 

Read helpful reviews from dog parents, or contact the businesses through the information provided.

List of industries or business categories you can find on Dog Sniffer:

  • Food industry (restaurants, bars, bakeries)
  • Healthcare (veterinary clinics, dental clinics, rehabilitation centers, nutrition consultation, laboratories, vaccines, grooming centers)
  • Holistic care (yoga for dogs, acupuncture, homeopathy, spa)
  • Training (training centers, personal trainers, mobile gyms)
  • Travel (hotels, dog sitters, transportation, dog kennels)
  • Other services (dog walkers, portraits, and photography)
Dog Sniffer offers a long list of businesses

2. Dog Sniffer keeps dog parents in the loop

When you’re a dog parent, your life revolves around your pups.

You plan your activities considering their comfort, involvement, and safety.

You’d rather skip events if it means you can’t bring your dogs with you.

But there could be fun things you can do together and places where you can hang out that you’re unaware of.

Dog Sniffer has a calendar you can check for the upcoming activities you can share with your dogs (or your dogs can share with you, really).

Find also parks where fellow dog parents visit. Watch your dogs socialize with others, run around, play, or just sit quietly with you.

Have brunch, hang out, stroll, look at the arts, and even watch movies with your dogs without worrying about getting kicked out.

You’ll be surprised by the variety of activities you’ll find around you.

Aside from being up to date with the latest pet-friendly activities, Dog Sniffer keeps you in the loop of what brands are in for your pooch from the stores on their list.

See also which new shops, restaurants, vet clinics, or dog gyms just opened.

Maybe you’d like to grow your wonderful furry family. Sniff for future adoption events.

Sign up, so you're always in the know about the latest in the dog world.  

Dog Sniffer keeps dog parents in the loop

3. Dog Sniffer provides insightful articles

Dogs can teach us many things – compassion, love, loyalty, patience, and genuine friendship.

The more we hang out with them, the more we realize there’s more to learn about them and how amazing they are.

There are educational, informative, and entertaining articles on Dog Sniffer’s blog.

You’ll find answers about your dogs, product reviews, dog parenting tips and hacks, interesting facts and trivia, and the latest buzz in their Recent Barks section.

You may also submit news and details about events, products, or places.

Dog Sniffer provides insightful articles

4. Dog Sniffer has cute dog photos to warm your heart

Do you wonder why you feel euphoric when you look at your dog?

It’s because our brains release oxytocin, the “love hormone”, whenever we do.

Dog Sniffer has a section called Today’s Leader of the Pack, featuring adorable dogs from their Instagram page that can warm your heart and make you go “aww…”

Sometimes a quick dose of happy hormones is all you need to get you through the day and keep you sane.

Browse through fur angels’ pictures on their website or Instagram. Maybe your dog could even get featured.

Dog Sniffer has cute dog photos to warm your heart

5. You'll feel heard and connected with other dog parents at Dog Sniffer

How important is a product or company review to you?

It is one of the things I look for before buying or paying for anything.

In Dog Sniffer, you can leave a review about dog products and establishments that can help other dog owners decide before spending their money.

You’ll feel heard in sharing your experience and opinion.

Rave about your and your dog’s favorite dish, the impeccable grooming service you’ve received, or a beloved vet your dog adores.

Share a great time you’ve had during a meeting you attended together.

Wouldn’t it be nice to belong to a circle of doting dog parents like yourself?

When you join activities and events or drop by pet-inclusive places on their website, you’ll get a chance to meet and connect with dog parents in your area.

Ask them questions, share your knowledge, and swap funny or heartwarming stories about your dogs.

If you sign up for Dog Sniffer, you’ll also be able to chat with other dog owners.
You'll feel heard and connected with other dog parents

6. Dog Sniffer is good for dog business owners

If you have a business that caters to dogs and dog owners, you can add it to Dog Sniffer’s listing. 

That means getting more traffic and reaching a wider audience online, which is especially helpful for small and medium-sized businesses.

If you’re an event organizer, you can also submit your event so more people can participate.

Dog sniffer provides a place for you to grow your brand and connect with your target audience.

Dog Sniffer is good for dog business owners

Final Thoughts

Like any new parent, you’ll be asking many questions, looking for assistance, reaching out to other parents, and searching for your baby’s necessities.

Dog Sniffer is a place where every dog parent – noob or pro - can sniff for what their fur baby needs.

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