Why Dating Can Be More Successful As You Get Older

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Dating advice from a guest blogger:

As we approach middle age (or beyond), it’s natural that our views on dating change.

As a young man, I’m not ashamed to admit that I had an immature view of what finding a partner means.

I was looking for things that were superficial. I never thought those things could or would diminish with age.

With every year that passes, we learn. And the more we learn, the more successful we could get in dating...and in life. 

I’m going to explore the ways I’ve found dating to be more successful as I’ve gotten older. 

And if you’re at the later stage of your life and dating or dating older women, I’m sure you can relate. 

Why Dating Can be More Successful as You Get Older 

You’re more sure of yourself 

When you’re younger, you can more likely change for your partner. And in doing so, you'll lose yourself.

When I was in my early 20's, I met someone and fell head over heels. 

In order to relate to her, I adapted to her taste in music, television, and whatnot. I wasn’t even pretending because I genuinely appreciated the things she loved. 

But the problem was that...

I ended up focusing on her interests and ignoring my own. 

In the end, I didn’t like the person I had become. I wasn't myself anymore. 

As an adult, I’ve got time to focus on my own interests and become more self-assured. 

I now understand the importance of staying true to yourself. And that it's a good place to find a partner. 

You may be financially stable

There’s something to be said about having a supportive partner who supports you through anything. 

But it can also be rewarding to find a partner when you’ve already past the pains in your career

You may now be working fewer nights and have some money set aside. This is the ideal time to focus on a new relationship.

Couples are likely to argue over finances, and may even break up over money. 

So when you date later in life and are more stable, this issue could be off the table.

You’ve made your mistakes

Sometimes you reach a certain age, you look back on your relationship choices...and cringe. Or even regret it.

None of us are perfect, and it’s important to see where we’ve made mistakes. 

Because if we can’t see it, we’re doomed to repeat the ghosts of bad relationships past.

When you're more mature, you’ve probably sorted out the skeletons in your closet and are ready to give and accept love in a healthy way. 

You know what you want, but more importantly, you know who you are. 

Your goals are different

Dating when you’re younger is often focused on one goal: To get married and have kids. 

But if you’ve already been there and done that, you can take things slow. 

There’s no rush to find out if the person you’re dating is the one. You don't worry about body clock anymore.

Getting past that child-rearing age can take a ton of pressure off your love life.

When you find yourself dating later in life, you may be in a better place to find true love. 

There are no deadlines and you can be in a place to make her feel secure ---financially and emotionally. 

Most people don’t set out to date in their 30's, 40's and beyond. But if you look at it the right way, it may be considered a blessing.

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