5 Reasons Why Young Drivers Lose Their Licence

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5 Reasons Why Young Drivers Lose Their Licence

5 Reasons Why Young Drivers Lose Their Licence

If you are a young driver who has recently passed your test and obtained your licence, it’s only natural that you will be itching to hit the open road. 

While many young drivers stick to the speed limit and adhere to the rules of the road, others violate traffic rules and don’t think of the long-term consequences. 

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No one wants to lose their licence, especially a young driver, so here are five common ways that your licence can be revoked and what you can do to minimise the risk.

5 Reasons Why Young Drivers Lose Their Licence

1. Careless Driving

Driving without due care and attention will not only put other motorists and pedestrians at risk, but it could be the reason for you losing your licence. 

Careless driving includes running a red light, sudden braking, and overtaking on the inside. 

Many young drivers are known for using their phones while behind the wheel, which is one of the biggest distractions and causes of car accidents. 

You can receive penalties for careless driving, such as points, fines, and losing your licence. 

Why Young Drivers Lose Their Licence: Careless driving

2. Reckless and Dangerous Driving

Reckless and dangerous driving is when the level of driving dips far lower than what a careful and competent motorist should expect. 

Many young drivers like to show off to their friends and believe they’re in full control of the vehicle. 

However, driving or racing aggressively and dangerous overtaking can heighten your risk of a car accident and be the reason you lose your driving licence. 

Why Young Drivers Lose Their Licence: Dangerous driving

3. Insurance Offences

Learning to drive can be costly for young drivers. In addition to driving lessons and tests, young drivers must find the money for a vehicle and insurance. 

Some young drivers put off getting insurance, which is riskier.

Driving without insurance can leave you with a hefty fine, revoked license, and even a prison sentence.

Why Young Drivers Lose Their Licence: Insurance Offenses

 4. Exceeding Speed Limits

While many young drivers are mature enough to adhere to speed limits, others don’t have the patience, which is another reason young drivers lose their licence. 

Whether on a motorway or pedestrian street, you must adhere to the speed limit. 

Exceeding it will not only put you and other motorists in danger, but it could be the reason why you lose your licence. 

Why Young Drivers Lose Their Licence: Overspeeding

5. Driving Under the Influence

Young drivers and alcohol don’t mix well. If you’re new to driving, you may think you can handle your drink before stepping behind the steering wheel. 

However, driving under the influence will impact your concentration levels and increase your car accident risk. 

Finding another car insurance policy is easier said than done if you've been convicted of drunk driving. 

Fortunately, companies like Quotezone can help you find a drink-driving insurance policy. 

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Young drivers won’t have as much experience on the road, so you must follow traffic signs and directions, avoid drinking, and stick to the speed limit to reduce the risk of losing your licence. 

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