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4 Things To Remember When Learning To Ride A Motorcycle

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Woman on a Motorcycle ready to ride

Learning to ride a motorcycle? Remember these things.

For some, learning to drive a car just doesn’t meet their expectations. 

They want something more thrilling and exciting. Something swifter. Something that makes them feel confident on the roads. 

It’s for these reasons that more people now are choosing to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

Riding a motorcycle is a way of life, not just something that helps you get from A to B. 

That means there’s a lot to consider before you hit the open road. 

Having enough training and passing your test is one thing. 

But if you want to stay safe on the road and ultimately enjoy your motorcycle experience, then you need to take your knowledge a step further – speak to this motorcycle accident lawyer (based in Forest City) if you’ve been involved in a crash on your motorcycle.

Let’s explore what all new riders and those learning to ride safely should know about handling a motorcycle.

1. Buy yourself quality safety clothing (and wear it)

It's an obvious one. But the number of riders who don't bother to put on a helmet or wear their riding gear because they're not traveling far may astonish you. 

Experienced and conscientious riders only ever wear the best, high-quality gear.

Even if you think you can save a few bucks on your leathers by buying something cheap, you may regret it. The same applies to your helmet. 

Don’t be afraid to splash out if it means you get a good quality helmet that not only looks good but offers high levels of protection. It could essentially save your life. 

woman with helmet and motorcycle gear

2. No passengers – not yet!

When you pass your driving test, driving for the first time with your friends in the back, listening to your favorite songs and relishing in your new-found freedom (thanks to your license) may sound like a gratifying idea.


When you pass your motorcycle test is a different story. 

The general rule is that you shouldn’t consider having passengers on the back of your bike until you’re more experienced. 

You’re not used to the extra weight on the bike and turning corners may prove inherently dangerous for you both! 

Two women on motorcycle with helmets

3. Be wary of high traffic areas

Despite your pass, riders should still continue to build their confidence before they ride on interstates, highways and other high traffic roads. 

Building on your skillset and working your way up towards high traffic areas is better than simply throwing yourself in at the deep end and putting yourself and other road users at risk. 

high traffic in the road with motorcycles

And finally...

4. Get into good habits

Leathers? Check. 
Gloves? Check. 
Helmet? Check. 

These are the most obvious checks that any rider should conduct before they hit the road.

However, riders should also get into the habit of checking their motorcycle before they set off. 

  • Checking the tires for damage
  • Checking the engine oil levels
  • Checking for leaks, and 
  • Making sure all your lights and signals are in good working order. 
The better condition your bike is in, the better it’ll perform for you and the safer you’ll be. 

man checking his motorcycle

Keep these things in mind before you get on that motorcycle and hit the road. Enjoy! 🚴

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  1. Thanks for this cool and useful post.
    It reminded me of the first time nervous to ride my friend after I was declared worthy of having a driver's license.
    .Greetings from Indonesia.