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Freelancing: The Best Decision I Ever Made

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I'll be celebrating my 5th anniversary as a full time freelancer this year. 🥳 I gotta say, freelancing has been the best decision I ever made career-wise.

Freelancing: The Best Decision I Ever Made

Pre-freelancing life

For those who don't know, I'm a licensed pharmacist. But, I've always known my heart is in writing

When I was in college, I thought I'd work in a hospital, put up my own drugstore and maybe even have a few branches in different cities. Or franchise an already established pharmacy...and live happily ever after.

But, things don't always work out the way we planned.

I worked in a hospital and drugstore but putting up my own pharmacy didn't come to pass.

One day I realized mixing and dispensing drugs weren't the things I wanted to do all my life.

I really tried, but the heart wants what it wants. 

We heart it

One day, I passed by a BPO company and thought, "Well, why not?"

I went in and applied. By the end of the day, I got a new job.

Part time freelancer

While working graveyard shifts on my new career, I came across an opportunity to work online. It was a good way to get my foot inside the door of the freelancing world.

But, it wasn't enough.

I was underpaid plus working at night was exhausting. I could barely function by the end of the shift to work on my online tasks.

So, I quit and focused on my regular job.

Fear and contentment

Two things were stopping me from focusing on freelancing: 

  • my fear of the uncertainty (I had zero idea about freelancing back then) and
  • the contentment and security a regular job offers.
I was at peace knowing by the end of the month, I'll get a certain amount of money.


After I transferred to a different company, I had a prodding to find an online gig again.

My job then actually pays me more than the previous ones.

The task was more difficult but I was having fun.

I enjoyed learning things, I took advantage of the various free training they offered and I like where I was at that point in my life.

I was more confident, independent and dare I say it---I was bolder in making decisions.

That's a totally different story though.

change is good

Back to freelancing

Before I decided to do freelancing full time five years ago, I had a lot of apprehensions.

  • What if it won't work and I'll be out of money in no time?
  • What if I can't do it? There's no one to ask. 
  • What if they won't pay me?
I wasn't happy with my work anymore though. I knew it's time to bid the traditional office setting goodbye.

The will to find better opportunities was stronger than my fear.

So, even though I was afraid, I decided to own it.

own it

Man, it was really scary. And tough at the start.

The first few months of working online full time were terrifying but liberating at the same time.

  • I left the comfort and security of my job in one of Forbes Fortune 500 companies. 
  • I made do of what little knowledge I've had about freelancing.
  • I made Google and YouTube my teachers.
I did what I could to survive.

But surviving is not what I came here for. I believe God put me here to do great things.

Freelancing and  CO VID

I knew there was more to me accepting what cheapskate clients were giving me.

Getting paid just enough to cover my bills and my necessities beat the purpose of leaving the corporate world.

I always knew I wasn't born just to work, pay my bills and then die.

There's more to life than keeping your nose to grindstone.

If this C OVID has taught me one thing (or validated what I already know), it's that nothing's certain in this world.

You can lose the normal you know in an instant. 

Heck, our global economy was crashed by an unseen enemy.


Like anything in life, change could be hard but we learn to adapt. It's human nature. 💪

Some changes are forced upon us, others we decide for ourselves.

Freelancing is one of the best decisions I made. 

I found a gig as a content writer and haven't looked back since.

Though it wasn’t always easy, the past year has been the best all because of this guy named John R Pagulayan.

If there’s one thing I can advise my younger self about freelancing it’s that there are better, higher paying clients out there.

And I'd say:

Younger self, go find John now so you don't waste your time and energy anymore with these cheapskate clients!

I can't teach you how to become a freelancer, but great news is that my coach John Pagulayan is about to hold a FREE Workshop and I highly recommend you join because he’s done a LOT to change my mindset and the way I treat my freelancing business.

He’s going to share how CO VID accidentally created 6-figure earners and how anyone can do it too even if you have

✔️ no skills
✔️ no prior credentials

This can also help you if you're already working online but

✔️ sick and tired of working with cheapskates
✔️ want to turn your freelancing into a lucrative business
✔️ willing to learn how to win in your niche
✔️ interested to get more clients to find you and not the other way around

UPDATE: Enrollment is now closed. 

If you’re interested to learn more, you can click here to register.
If you have any questions about John, feel free to email me or leave your comment below.

Happy to help!

Now more than ever, we need to seek more opportunities online.

Times have changed. During this pandemic when we're advised to stay home, not be in close physical contact with people, I advise you to try out freelancing. It's the best decision you'll ever make. 

UPDATE: Enrollment is now closed. Feel free to subscribe to be notified when the doors open on 2021.

Note: May contain affiliate links.

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  2. I have been thinking about becoming a free lancer but fear keeps me back... I’ll research more into it.