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Ever since Taylor Swift released her Lover album, I listened to it almost every day. It's not only a feel-good love-filled album but I like the theme of it. I love pink (as you can see on my page).

But since c oronavirus hit the world, I stopped.

I did not only disconnect from the news and social media, I also stopped listening to Lover.

You may not know the weight of that but that's a big deal for me.

Lover by Taylor Swift is my mood booster. It's my upper.

But because I was so mentally affected and drained by this pa ndemic, I had to listen to only worship songs and inspirational talks for weeks.

Looking back, I think I shouldn't have stopped listening to Lover. If it can lift my spirits, that's God's way of cheering me up.

God can be found even in the secular.

So, today I listened to Lover again.

I sang along, I danced a little (while sitting on my office chair) and yes, my spirits have been lifted.

Thank you Taylor Swift for your songs.
Thank you God for the gift of music.

I am writing this with Lover playing in the background and I'm swaying to it.

Hang in there.

Soon we'll get better (like what she said in one of her songs in this album).

Your turn

  • What playlist are you listening to at the moment?
  • Who's your all time favorite artist?

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  1. I spend most of my day outside, gardening. I listen to Casting Crowns. By this, I can remind myself to protect the peace inside me even though it's chaotic around me.

    Keep safe and take care!