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This Is The Word I Choose For 2020

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If you don't do resolutions like me, how do you gear up for the new year? It's more powerful to choose a word and let it guide you. I have proven this through the years. This 2020, the start of a new decade, I have chosen the word to define my year.

A quick throwback!

But before that, a quick look back at the words I chose for the past years.

Last 2014, I picked the word "more" to define my year and it ultimately changed my life.

I'm happy to report that it was indeed the year I did more, became more, achieved more, traveled more, read more books, had more fun.

I discovered more things about myself.

Words are powerful. Since then, I would choose a word to be my theme or compass. A guiding principle of how I would live that year.

Russ Friends Happy New Year

My 2015 was all about getting better.

I did things differently last 2016. It was unorthodox.

I was winning last 2017. Winning over my doubts and fears. Winning over uncertainties. Winning over my critics. Winning over that inner voice that keeps on telling me I can't.

Well, I can and I did.

2018 was a spontaneous year. I am such a control freak and I overthink a lot.

But last 2018, I learned to let things be. It was a year of total and complete surrender. It was a year of leaping in faith.

More than anything, it was a year when my heart was overflowing with gratitude for God's faithfulness in my life.

It was when I have proven yet again that God will deliver His promise. We only have to wait in faith because His timetable is different from ours.

It was when I was glad that I didn't listen to what others say and calmly trusted the process. I didn't listen to the facts people threw at me. Hey, I worship a God who can do the impossible after all.

Last 2019 was a year of milestones. I did a lot of firsts.

Isn't it amazing that year after year life has an incredible way of surprising us, shaping us and giving us opportunities that bring us from glory to glory?

And now for this year...

This Is The Word I Choose For 2020:


Merriam-Webster dictionary defines premium as of exceptional quality or amount. Or higher priced.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, premium is something extra given or an extra amount charged,  a great amount of importance, of higher than usual quality or value.

Why am I choosing Premium as my word for 2020?

Out of mediocrity and into a premium life

Let's just say that being a middle child, I grew up receiving hand-me-downs. I was conditioned to always give way and I've learned to be content of what's being given to me. I was never a demanding child. Or adult.

It's good that I find joy in the simplest things. I am fine with having my needs met and I don't have excessive wants. Thus, I never envy others.

The downside of being content to what is good is missing out on what is great.

I know I can do more and be more but I don't see the urgency when I'm already happy in my little corner.

Ah, let them clamor for attention and promotion. As long as I get paid enough to buy my basic needs and have some extra left for a little self-indulgence, I'm good.

That's how I used to think.

But I fell in love with traveling and I know I want more of it.

I desire a premium life that will enable me to travel more and conveniently at that, thanks to my husband who made me see the difference between sleeping inside a tent and on a soft comfortable mattress.

Yes, I've traveled in a shoestring budget and it was fun when done with friends. But it's a whole new different experience to spend the night in a luxurious hotel and be chauffeured around.

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Premium health

If you don't care about your health, the planet and the life of animals, your food option seems endless.

But if you want food that nourishes your body, good for the planet and does not involve killing animals, you need premium food.

It takes a lot of research, reading of labels and expanding your network to find these kinds of food.

That's why a lot of people prefer to buy what is easy to prepare and cheap. But if you're not careful, you'll pay for it soon enough.

Why be careless now and regret it later?

Have you heard of a person who got sick because he's eating fruits and vegetables?

Broccoli doesn't catch a flu. Kale doesn't have foot and mouth disease. Duh.

The food you eat can either nourish you or make your sick.

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. -Ann Wigmore

Other things I've started doing for my health late last year which I plan to continue are stretching and meditating first thing in the morning. A healthy body starts with a healthy mind.

My husband and I also goes to a weekly spa date.

You can be healthy without depriving yourself of good food. There are a lot of healthy options out there. With the help of the internet especially YouTube cooking shows, what you need to know is just one click away.

i love food from the new girl

Peace of mind

What could be a more premium gift you can give yourself than the gift of peace of mind?

I've always been talking about getting rid of toxic people in your life. Don't be sorry about cutting off people who don't contribute to your well-being.

I've burned bridges that lead to nowhere.

Last year, I've made the mistake of checking the comment section on socials. Gosh it's like seeing a speeding bus and jumping in front of it anyway.

It's bad for the mental health.

I also tolerated who have been abusing working with me since I was a newbie writer and made me believe that I'm getting a just rate. These are the kinds of clients that will make you feel bad for charging them higher than usual and call you selfish or greedy.

For 2020, I'm staying out of the comment section and will be hitting that 'block sender' button as often as needed.

deflecting negativity like wonder woman

How about you? Have you chosen a word for 2020 yet?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Hey Lux!

    I love how you project a word for the year. This year is special for me too. I love your choice of 'premium', I could draw some motivation.

    Health and focus on personal life, that's my 2020 dream.

    Its nice to have come across your lovely blog!

  2. Hey,Lux!
    Many Congratulations on your new business/role and for your marriage. Sorry visiting you after a long time and so happy for you.

    I love the word you have chosen. It is important to be emotionally and physically healthy to perform our best in life.

    I will hang around often here! I am always a big fan of your posts.

    Epsita |