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The True Millionaire's Prayer

4:45 PM

The True Millionaire's Prayer
 The ultimate purpose of wealth is to help others.
-Bo Sanchez

Many people want to be rich but not everyone's committed to be rich.
There are many millionaires in the world but only a few are true millionaires.

This is how their prayer goes:

The True Millionaire's Prayer

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  1. I wish people with an overabundance of money would put it to good use. I dislike reading about people who spend their money so foolishly on things of this world rather planning for the new day when we meet Our Lord. Something to ponder.
    Thank you for your share and have a beautiful and blessed week.

  2. I was leaving my comment and suddenly it disappeared. I just wish people with an overabundance of money would share it with those that need the basic things in life. I dislike hearing about wealthy people spending lavishly for nothing much.I would rather choose to use my time wisely to prepare to meet the Lord and I am older and wiser these days and not as interested in having material things! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Now this is the kind of riches that blesses God. If we can ever realize that nothing I have is mine to keep we are already millionaires. Thanks for sharing.