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Bacolod Wedding Suppliers Review By A Bacolod Bride

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Bacolod Wedding Suppliers Review

I'll be sharing my Bacolod Wedding Suppliers review here based on personal experience and some tips which I hope makes your planning easier. One of the most daunting tasks in planning a wedding is finding the right supplier. So I made a vow that after I'm done with everything, I'll pay it forward and help the soon-to-wed couples.

Bacolod Wedding Suppliers Review

πŸ’‘ Tip!
Create an Excel file. The file I created has different Sheets or Tabs, one for each supplier category (P/V or Photo Video, Wedding Cakes, Souvenirs, and so on).

I added a DON'T BOOK sheet in glaring red tab color. Every time I find a new supplier, I check them first on that list.
The suppliers in this category are those with 1 star review online as well as those NOT recommended by people I know based on their own experience or a wedding they attended.

I kept adding names here based on my own personal experience of talking with the suppliers. If they're unresponsive, rude or unprofessional, they automatically make my DON'T BOOK list.

Where to find Bacolod Wedding Suppliers

  • Word of mouth 
  • Facebook search
  • Facebook group
  • Google search

Word of mouth
First, I asked my married friends for referrals and advice. From florists to HMUA (hair and makeup artist) to event organizers to cake suppliers, I asked anyone who might know someone.

Facebook search
I spent all my vacant hours every day utilizing the search bar in Facebook.

I will be forever thankful for technology. I don't know what I would've done without AI suggesting pages or business I might be interested in.

My florist, coordinator, photographer and souvenirs were all from Suggestions that Facebook's Artificial Intelligence ever so conscientiously recommended in my Feed.

Facebook group
Another heaven-sent is the Facebook group WAWIES. My (now also married) friend invited me to join the group while we were both planning our weddings.

All the tips, recommendations, supplier reviews and lessons shared in the group helped me a lot throughout the wedding preps.

It's like a support group for wedding preppers because during this time, who else can understand what you're going through, right?

Google search
What suppliers I see on Facebook, I search on Google for reviews and vice versa. Again, the internet is a life-saver.

You can also visit Bridal Fairs. Check mall events schedule.

Personally though, none of my suppliers were from the wedding expo. These are all the flyers I got from the event I attended in SM:

After coming home from Wedding Expo. Overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

Our Bacolod Wedding Suppliers

Church - San Antonio Abad Parish

What we wanted for our church:

  1. Small
  2. Air-conditioned
  3. Well-maintained
We found out 3 days before the wedding that our officiating priest does not have a license yet. To avoid delays in processing papers, we looked for another. Unfortunately, majority of the priests were in Manila for a conference.

Mandi, the parish secretary, helped us find a missionary priest fast.

Everything happens for a reason. Fr. Sanjib Pani, our officiating priest, was great.

He met with us and gave us a quick interview. He also agreed to do our confession the day before the wedding. I recommend him 100%.

  • Price: Php 19,400 including use of AC, carpet, Canonical interview, paper works + choir + 2 principal sponsors
  • Quality: They were really helpful and accommodating from day 1. Their choir was great, the audio was clear. I like the simple but elegant interior of the church.
  • Communication: We get answers to our questions right away.
What could be improved: They could use some re-painting. There were also a some candy wrappers in the pews. This didn't show in the photos or videos but could be an eye-sore for some.

Please note that it was our choice to only have one pair of Principal Sponsors. You may call their office at (034) 434 9391 and inquire how much they charge now.

Reception and Catering - Sugarland Hotel

We chose them because they're close to the church and they're known for serving good food.

  • Price: 23,540 for 50 pax and 3 hours use of venue + 6 LED lights (LED lights are optional but there's a corkage charge for each light if you bring your own)
  • Quality: Although during the food tasting they served us cold food, they assured us they'll serve it hot during the wedding. They delivered. The staff assisting us during reception did an excellent job.
  • Communication: MJ was our salesperson and she was clear, concise and professional.
Accommodation: ⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you'll ask me about accommodation however, it's a different story. The night before the wedding, there were parties downstairs which we could hear loudly in our rooms.

Brides need their beauty rest and you bet I didn't get mine as the party ended after 10.

The heater in the bridal suite was not working too.

Entourage dresses - Atet's

I opted for infinity dress for my entourage so I (and my bride squad) don't have to deal with the whole process and hassle of having the dresses made. Plus they can use it even after the wedding.

The infinity dresses were from Atet's. Someone from the Facebook group recommended them. Although they are Manila-based, they ship to Bacolod.

I don't know them personally.

You will realize that this whole wedding preps requires a lot of faith. πŸ˜…

  • Price: Php 550 + shipping fee (depends on the location)
  • Quality: The fabric's quality was not compromised for the price. πŸ‘Œ
  • Communication: Responsive, courteous, professional
  • Delivery: Fast. They gave an ETA of 2-3 weeks but as far as I can remember it didn't take 3 weeks for my order to be delivered. They sent my orders via JRS Express.

What could be improved:

  • Payment mode is only through Palawan Express, LBC and Cebuana. I wish they had bank transfer or PayPal options so it's more convenient and safer. 
  • They don't allow meet-ups. So even if you're in Manila area, you will need to pay additional shipping fee. 
bride and bride squad in their infinity dresses

Wedding dress - South Shores

We were walking in a mall when I saw a long white dress inside a shop in a hanger and transparent garment bag.

My then fiancΓ© suggested that since we're already there, I might as well try it. I was hesitant. I didn't get that THIS IS IT! feeling when I saw it.

Only when they took it out of the bag and I tried it did I realize how pretty it was. I bought it right away.

  • Price: If you're a 'budgetarian' bride, you'll love it. I was amazed by how budget-friendly it was despite how elegant it looked. I don't want to post the price but you can ask me here.
  • Quality: It looks expensive. πŸ˜… I love the details too especially the beads and laces.
  • Communication: The salesladies at the store were helpful in assisting me while I change. 
So why only 4 stars out of perfect 5?

What could be improved: Unlike traditional bridal boutiques, I only got...the dress. No free veil, gloves, free use of mannequin for wedding day pictorial and other accessories. Not even a free hanger or a proper box or bag.

My husband helped them pack it in two large eco bags and wrapped it securely so it won't get dirty or damaged. Because they didn't have a bag large enough to fit the gown.

They told us that the dress was from Hong Kong. When we had the length adjusted in a dress shop, the woman assisting me said that based on the quality of bead work, it's made locally. She's been in the dressmaking industry for 20 years now so she said she can tell. 🀷

South Shores is located at 3/f SM City Bacolod.

I bought my veil at Jimmy's textile at Bacolod Plaza Mart for less than 100 Php.

We rented mannequin at Fit & Curves Lopue's East for Php 500 for one day use.

Bridal Makeup - Ms. Marie of David's Salon

We booked Ms. Marie right after our trial makeup. She's easy to work with as she's a pro and we like the no-makeup makeup she did during the trial.

  • Price: Their policy is that if the makeup is done outside the salon, the price is double. Plus you pay for their transportation. In total, we paid Php 3,300 on the day of the wedding. They don't offer a bridal package.
  • Quality: This is the sad part. We were both pleased and satisfied with the hair and makeup during the trial. Unfortunately on the day of the wedding itself, the lighting inside the bridal suite was too low so she ended up putting more makeup than intended.
  • Communication: Ms. Marie (and Jessa who did my hair) were both pleasant to work with and well-trained.
What could be improved:

  • The call time was 5 am but they arrived around 5:20 am. 
  • It's not their fault that the room was dimly lit and the call time was before sunrise. But I think the makeup didn't turn out as good as expected because they were rushing as they started late and the room was not properly illuminated. We could have moved next to the window and opened the curtains so it's brighter had they requested it.
  • Maybe David's Salon can also change their policy. My HMUA still had to report and work full hours on that day despite working a good four hours on our wedding. 
simple no-makeup makeup
Makeup trial at Php 1,200

bride getting ready

bride in the church

Entourage's makeup - BeautyLove by Stef

I've known Stef since she was taking makeup lessons. So I also know she gives 110% in her work.

  • Price: Php 4k for mother of the bride and maid of honor. This may be a special price so it's better to ask her for a quote.
  • Quality: According to my sister, she didn't want to wash her face after the wedding because she loved her makeup so much. Everyone's call time was 5 am but Stef was up and ready at 3 am. The night before, she already prepared her things in my room.
  • Communication: Straightforward and professional 
My husband didn't like his makeup on some pictures but I do. I think it's a man's thing to not like to see themselves with makeup.

Florist and Event Stylist - Sweet 25 Flowers and Decors by Gilbert Taguines

Couple Gilbert and Jinky Taguines were the 6th florist we talked to.

We have had apprehensions with other florists. Either something's off in their contract, they don't have a permit, their offer is too good to be true or that they kept rescheduling our meeting and giving us excuses because we asked them to adjust the price.

  • Price: See the price list they sent us below. 
  • Quality: The day before the wedding, Cebu Pacific flights were delayed (as usual). So the flowers they ordered were stuck at the Manila airport. The airline promised to send the cargo first thing in the morning.

    They went to the airport 5 am. The wedding is at 10 am. Yet while they were doing my makeup, Jinky already handed me my bouquet.

    The church was how we wanted it: simple and elegant.

    We were amazed by how they arranged the venue for reception. It was a small blank room that transformed into a romantic lovely scene.

    Flowers, tables and backdrop were arrange in a pretty way.

    Our guests loved the reception decorations, and so did we.
  • Communication: Although there were some delays in their responses as they're also busy with other events, they are easy to communicate with, respectful and patient.
  • Delivery: Late only for a few minutes during first meeting. They finished the flowers and styling before the ceremony and program started despite delay.
Sweet 25 package price list

Sweet 25 package page 2 price list

What could be improved:

  • I wanted a stargazer for the center of my bridal bouquet. Unfortunately, because of the delay at the airport, it stayed in cargo for 48 hours. This kind of flower wilts fast when not kept in a cool place.

    Before going to church, the edges of the stargazer were already starting to brown. The delay is obviously not their fault so I'm not taking a star off the perfect 5 rating.
  • LED lights in the room change in color and there are photos that are too pink or dark.
bridal and maid of honor bouquets

bridal bouquet pink and white flowers

church flowers aisle and arc

reception decors and styling

flowers decors and designs

On the Day Coordination - Jinky Taguines

We were happy when we found out that Jinky also does coordination. So we booked them for the flowers and we booked her for coordination.

I opted for OTD Coordination because I know I wanted to be hands on in choosing other suppliers instead of letting another person decide.

  • Price: 10k
  • Quality: I didn't want to give Jinky 3-stars because we saw how organized and good she was. The problem was that on the day of the wedding itself, she hired freelance coordinators so she could help focus with the flowers and decors. Unfortunately they weren't as good as her.

    They're called 6 Angels. Instead of helping dissipate the stress, they were adding to it. I saw them frowning because they're in a hurry as the makeup and photo shoot started later than expected. According to my entourage, they were rude and unprofessional while rushing everyone.

    I think they were also pissed because they asked my then fiancΓ© for the rings which will be used for the documentation on P/V but he refused. Obviously, you won't give rings to people you only saw that day.

    We weren't introduced to them by Jinky because she had to rush to the airport before 5 am.

    The whole time I was trying to ignore their unhappy faces and negative vibes because I wanted to be happy on my wedding day.

    But even the guests weren't happy with how they're doing their job.

    My husband was the one who guided the guests where to sit because he said he saw them do nothing about it. The seating arrangement was discussed with Jinky.

    A photographer who's not part of the team we hired kept snapping photos and they did nothing about it. We requested this to Jinky and even sent a copy of Couple's request and she acknowledged. Maybe she didn't pass on the message.

    My mother asked one of them to give the female sponsor's fan to my friend who stood there as the sponsor didn't make it, but they didn't do as she said. It's only a small fan with flowers but it's part of the package we paid for. I don't know where it went. I only saw it in the photo.

    The prizes I prepared for the games were not given to the right winners. I got an excess prize back so I don't know who didn't get the right prize and what they gave instead. I had a table games file sent which they printed and gave to the MC.
  • Communication: Jinky was okay but 6 Angels weren't. It's seems they're not happy with what's happening.
  • Delivery: Our guests and entourage were annoyed by them. We didn't like how they handled the pressure.
What could be improved: If you decide to hire Jinky for coordination because again, she's good, ask her to hire a different assistant.

We paid (for both Sweet 25 flowers and decors and) coordination down-payment during contract signing. We transferred the second payment a week before the wedding and paid for the balance after the wedding via mobile banking.

Photo and Video - Rocket Lab Photography

While I was searching for P/V I would send the links of their works to my photographer friend abroad. Out of many, he liked their work best. In his words, it's more raw and not filtered. You can see the person's character and candidness in the shots.

  • Price: Photo + Video (full and highlights) = Php 20k. This is way cheaper compared to other well-known photo/video suppliers.
  • Quality: Some shots are really good, others just okay. I counted 36 shots that were almost a duplicate of another shot, off-centered, eyes closed, or those that didn't have to be included. Maybe they just forgot to remove from the file.

    They're young and dynamic. They helped lighten the mood so we can be more relaxed and have fun during the shoot.
  • Communication: Responsive, courteous, easy to communicate with. 
  • Delivery: Call time was 5 am but I think they started working around 5:30 am. Thus, the delay and rush. But the photos and videos were delivered fast. Photos were uploaded on their page four days after the wedding. Video was uploaded 21 days after and we got the copies in USB the next day. They also gave us printed copies of the uploaded photos.
What could be improved: They could be more punctual next time.

I was expecting the moment my husband and I met at the altar to be included in the full coverage but it was not. It's a sweet moment when he said "You look beautiful, honey."

Unfortunately, the camera man had to change spot at that moment.

Also I thought full coverage meant the games and other parts of the program will be included. They cut to the speeches and some highlights.

We paid 1k down-payment on our meeting and contract signing and I transferred the balance via mobile banking after the wedding.

Rings - Hearts & Arrows

We've searched far and wide to find the perfect ring that would compliment my engagement ring. Only to realized it's just in SM City Bacolod. πŸ˜†

  • Quality: We went to different jewelry stores in different cities but so far theirs is the best. I love that when you look under a colored lens you'll see hearts and arrows shapes in the stones, thus the name of the store.
  • Communication: The girl who assisted us was knowledgeable and they're all accommodating. 
  • Delivery: They messaged us that they already have the stock before the date we're supposed to pick it up.
My husband bought his ring online because we have different preferences with design.

Wedding cake and dessert table Sweet Peas

I found Sweet Peas in WAWIES. I contacted them after I read the positive review. I spent hours browsing through their albums and fell in love with their work.

  • Price: Php 3,500
  • Quality: I wish they have a physical bakeshop so I can buy their cake whenever I miss it. Love how elegant the desserts and our cake looked. Love her arrangement. Our cake was moist and chocolaty. The cake pops and cupcakes were also delectable. 
  • Communication: Responsive and courteous. 
  • Delivery: I only sent photos of how I want the cake to look, a some preferences and gave her the freedom to decorate. I paid online for the 1k down-payment. They arrived even before the stylist was done with the reception. I had my coordinator pay the balance so we never met in person.
white fondant cake with cupid topper

cupcakes and cake pops

Souvenirs - Porte Verde 7225

I wanted a souvenir that is useful and environment-friendly so I opted for succulents.

  • Price: Php 1,550 for 40 pcs
  • Quality: I love the layout in the sign they added. Love the succulents too.
  • Communication: Responsive and patient with all my inquiries 😁
  • Delivery: They arrived before the reception was decorated and I also had the coordinator pay in full. No downpayment required because it's only Php1,550. We also didn't meet in person.
succulents in cocopot wedding souvenirs

I will not post a detailed review of my groom's suit. But do yourself a favor and don't have it made at Slim's. I lost count of the times we had to go back to have it readjusted because it's either too loose or too tight. 

Finally my groom got tired of three months of coming and going so he just paid for it and we left.

Not worth it.

Ring box, invitations, candles and other accessories we did ourselves. 😊

Here's what my creative husband did for our arrhae, cord and ring box.

acrylic box with wedding rings faux flowers and pearls

acrylic box with cord petals and ribbon

coins with pink pearls and flowers

Our wedding's theme is Simple and Elegant. As much as possible, we didn't want to spend on nice-to-haves so we can focus on the must-haves.

I didn't feel oblige to follow the 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue' tradition.

It took me almost a year searching for and booking for all the suppliers. It didn't all happen in one trip to the Bridal Fair or in one day. Although that's the dream, isn't it?

I learned valuable lessons and realized in the end that there is no such thing as a perfect wedding, but mine was beautiful because I married my best friend.

If you have other questions about these Bacolod Wedding Suppliers, feel free to send me a message here. Reach out to them as well because they may have changed their rates. 

Happy preps!

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  1. Yes, its a big task to accomplish before the wedding day. Lot of careful planning and efforts required. Thanks for listing down everything and the reviews. Its really helps...

    1. That's correct! Planning could be time consuming and stressful. We need all the help we could get. Thanks for stopping by.