8 Best Things To Do In Rishikesh for Couples

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8 Best Things To Do In Rishikesh for Couples

Camping in Rishikesh is a Perfect Thrill for Honeymoon Couples

Rishikesh which is also known as the ‘Yoga Capital of India’ and ‘Gateway to the ‘Garhwal Himalayas’ is one of the best places for honeymoon couples in India. In this glorious pilgrim town, honeymoon couples can also enjoy the various water sports and adventure activities by Camping in Rishikesh. Isn’t it interesting – adventurous honeymoon!!

8 Best Things To Do In Rishikesh for Couples 

1. River Rafting

River Rafting is one of the best things to do for honeymoon couples filled with young and adventurous energy. Moving against the rapids of the Ganges that gushes through the mountain rocks is definitely thrilling and a wonderful experience.

The months of October to June are advisable to enjoy river rafting as the river gets too violent during monsoon months. You can choose amongst the three grades for rafting depending upon your experience. The 3 grades are:

  • Grade 1 & 2 – Basic
  • Grade 3 – Standard
  • Grade 4 – Expert
You need to follow all the safety instructions which are given by your rafting masters.

2. Bonfire and Camping in Rishikesh

If a honeymoon couple wants to spend some time on the riverside with candlelit mountain valleys, it is the right place. A calm breeze under the stars and burble stream gives immense pleasure to your body and soul. You can also soak in your feet in the nearby stream to get more relaxation.

3. Ayurvedic Spa and Massage

To give your mind and body a perfect serenity and harmony, ayurvedic massage and spa are the most wonderful options. Rishikesh provides you the best places for spa and massage that can rejuvenate you easily. It reduces your fatigue in minutes and relieves you from stress.

4. Yoga and Meditation

Experience yoga and meditation with a panoramic mountain view in Rishikesh to calm down your nerves and give yourself inner peace. In Rishikesh, experienced yoga gurus help you to learn the best yoga and meditation techniques. Away from the noise of the city, yoga in an open and fresh air eliminates bad toxins from your body.

5. Kayaking and Rock Climbing

Kayaking and Rock Climbing are other thrilling activities for sports enthusiast couples. You can visit various camps where expert trainers train you for these activities.

6. Para Gliding

Camping in Rishikesh is a never-ending joy. The list goes on and on which also includes para gliding. Para gliding can be enjoyed by all the age-groups. It gives you an ultimate bird feeling when you can touch the blue airspace.

7. Trekking

Waterfall Trekking in Rishikesh is famous amongst the tourists. You can drown yourself in the beauty of the serene Himalayas with this adventure. There are lots of treks in Rishikesh such as Nag Tibba Trek, Roopkund Trek, Valley of Flowers Trek, Kunjapuri Temple Trek, and many more.

8. Flying in Shivpuri

Doesn’t it sound more adventurous? It’s not para gliding. It is very different from para gliding where a harness will be tied to you and you will fall free towards the ground from a height of 7 meters above the ground. It goes and comes back at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour. This activity is allowed for the age of above 12 years. The weight range is 20 kgs to 130 kgs.

Hence Rishikesh is a place for couples with an adventurous mindset where they can enjoy being together. Rishikesh is a one stop where you can find a blend of spiritual energy and vibrant thrilling energy. You can enjoy the charm of Ganges River with rafting and camping in Rishikesh.

Have fun and have a Happy Honeymoon!

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