Present To Give The Girl You Love On Christmas

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Christmas Present

Every year, there is a familiar panic among young men scurrying towards gift shops in a wild chase for the perfect gift to give to the one they love. 

Even finding a gift for the family is difficult! 

She is an engineer. Should I give her safety equipment with a construction Christmas card to show her that I care about her? 

This article will help you find the best Christmas present to give to your girl for the most wonderful time of the year.

Present to Give the Girl You Love on Christmas 

It is a balancing act

If you are still at the early stages of dating or courtship, gift-giving is not just a means to capture her heart but a standard that you are setting for the relationship.

If you spend too much, you could be having a hard time topping that the next time you have to give her a gift.

However, if you spend too little, you risk losing her for seeming thoughtless or cheap. 

Gift giving is a balancing act and you should try to tread in the middle for as much as you can especially in the early days of the relationship.

Balance the present to Give the Girl You Love

Price and Relationship Formula

Figuring out the budget that you have to set for the gift is the first step. And the trickiest. 

A gift is not just a gift and girls are good at picking up the message behind it.

Going too strong at the beginning like gifting her something outrageously expensive might either scare her or make her expect more.

A friend once gave a girl a ring for Christmas. Even though they only met on the 12th of December. 

Don't come across like a creeper.

If you have just met her and have gone out on a few dates, you should spend no more than a day’s worth of pay for a gift. 

If you want to go more specific, here are the gifts that you can give her depending on how long you have known each other.

Gifts to Give Your Girl Based on How Long You've Met Her

One month

Give her a card. Cheap but meaningful. 

Or get her a bottle of her favorite wine or treat her to a home-cooked meal. Not only will you be giving her a gift, but you get to spend some time with her as well.

Three months

If you see each other quite often, you could spend a few more to let her know you really like her. By this time, you may already know her likes. 

What's her favorite book genre? Her favorite color? What does she seem to need at the moment?

Maybe a customized gift would do the trick.

One year

Here is where it gets really serious and you will have to up your game. 

Not only should your gifts be valuable. It should be meaningful and a way to express your feelings.

If you got this far and you see yourself spending a lifetime with her, you might want to consider giving her an engagement ring.

Present To Give The Girl You Love On Christmas: Engagement ring

Research like you mean it

Courtship may sour knowing that the other person does not seem to care about your interests.

If she is an athlete or into fitness, you can give her a yoga mat.

If she likes to cook, then a new knife won’t seem like a bad idea. 

Or if she actually does work in construction, then that construction Christmas card might not be such a bad idea after all.

Present To Give The Girl You Love On Christmas: Christmas cards

Giving a gift to the one you love can be one of the most satisfying feelings you can experience. 

Your thoughtfulness can also help you score brownie points with your partner.

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