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Top 10 Latest Jewellery Trends To Follow In 2019

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Top 10 Latest Jewellery Trends To Follow In 2019

Every fashion fan waits for the New Year to rejuvenate themselves with the upcoming fashion trend with each new season. With the introduction of the New Year, 2019 there comes the new trend along with it.

The bold look has always ruled the runway. Oversize accessories and animal prints are always prevailing everywhere. So the fashion trends also reflect in the jewelry. After all the jewelry completes our look. The most interesting fact is that jewelry can be mixed and matched with various dresses always providing you with a different look. Wearing costume jewelry always adds up to your style statement, but simple, quality pieces never go out of style. So check out some latest jewelry trend of 2019, and spice up your look!

Top 10 Latest Jewellery Trends to Follow in 2019

1. Ring

Rings are never out of trends, it’s just the matter how you combine them up. Never try to forget the massive rings worn singly or in pairs, doubled or tripled. You can even put them on your gloved and be trendier. So the ultimate thing to follow is to use unusual sets of fashion ring, which is always a win-win option. Don’t step back to try out new things, just go with crazy combinations. You can find amazing collection online with amazing prices by using Bluestone Coupon for Rings.


2. Pearls

This translucent gem will take you to the next level of feminism. They are now not your grandmother’s accessories only. The sleek design and the geometric arrangements of the pearl provide them a fresh update this year.


3. Variant earrings

Really worried which pair of earring suits your outfit? Don’t then! This latest fashion trend featured in wearing different earnings on each ear. It can either be studs, or danglers, mixing the style and colour forming new and unexpected combinations would help you to grab attention, at the same time add interest to your outfit.

Variant earrings
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4. Chains

Sleek constructed chains form precious metals will always get a thumbs up and totally ready to race in the latest trend. Whether in form of bracelets or earrings, worm alone or forming building blocks, your links always add up to the next level.


5. Silver

Are you so sure that nothing is more feminine than a clear crystal? Then you are wrong. Apart from that, if you consider pearl to be more authentic, then, frankly speaking, pearls are worth wearing only after your 20’s, and not earlier. In the latest trend of 2019, the designer’s follow silver to be a new jewelry trend. They are quite elegant and beautiful. They are even more relevant when studded with semiprecious stones or rock crystals. Order best design online at great pricing options by using Candere Coupons for silver jewellery.


6. Animal Print

Animal print is prevailing everywhere and never out of fashion, whether it's in your dressing part or your accessories. If you are unable to indulge yourself with leopard pattern pants then showcase your wild side through your accessories.

Animal Print

7. Latest Hoops

Hoops always stays stable when it comes to jewelry. We all know about the classic symmetrical hoops and in love to wear them. But this year, there is a new twist. Medium thick and geometrically shaped hooks are also making their ways out.

Latest Hoops

8. Gemstones

Hot hues and bright colours are featured in different materials, but when you are concerned about the jewellery, bright colored stones is what you ask for. Maybe in past years or in the coming trend, real gemstones are absolutely timeless.


9. Bracelets

Bracelets are mainly made from metals like silver. Materials like wood and leather can also be added to stylize them as the national jewelry of Greek and turkey. But in this new era of 2019, bracelets will include crystals, chains with beads and pearls. Handmade bracelets would steal its popularity screaming your style and taste.


10. Boho obviously

The boho style emerged as an antithesis of glamour but somehow made an entry to the fashion walk in the year 2018 itself and will prevail in 2019 too! In order to maintain the harmony with this style, you need to find something rebellious within yourself. It’s the combination of both, the exquisite and the free hippy style. Boho images can be funny or brave, na├»ve or sophisticated. It includes the high quality of street fashion. So in 2019 try them to wear in bundles whether it chains, laces or pendants.


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