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5 Cute Valentine's Day DIY Gift Ideas For The Whole Family

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5 Cute Valentine's Day DIY Gift Ideas For The Whole Family

Mom and daughter making cute Valentine's Day DIY Gift Ideas

Most people think of Valentine's Day as a time to get romantic with their spouse. But the truth is, there is just as much fun for the kids as for the adults. 

So if you're a creative mom, why not get your kids in on some artsy and cute Valentine's Day DIY gift ideas for the whole family?

Not only will these make for sweet gifts for your most cherished loved ones, but you'll be grateful for the memories you make as you get creative with your kids.

1. DIY Family Fun Book

Do a family take on this "book of date" Valentine's Day DIY gift idea by compiling a list of fun family day activities you would like to do together. 

Buy construction paper and cut them into equal sizes. Decorate them with family idea vouchers such as:

  • Going on a picnic
  • Making a blanket fort in the living room before an unforgettable movie night
  • Family board/video game night
  • Go to the zoo
Finish off your booklet by punching holes through the "coupons" and tying them together with string or stapling them together.

Valentine's Day DIY Gift Idea: Family book

2. Chalkboard Frames

This cute Valentine's Day DIY gift idea involves a trip to the craft store. 

  • Buy an ornate picture frame. It can be as big or small as you like. 
  • Next, buy some chalkboard paint and a paintbrush. 
  • Carefully remove the glass from the frame and set it over scrap newspaper. 
  • Paint the glass with chalkboard paint. 
  • Once dry, put your glass back into the frame and write a cute message for your sweetheart or the kids. 
Take inspiration from this Picture Frame Style Chalkboard.

Two girls writing on a chalkboard

3. DIY Valentine's Slime

For this cute - and slimy - Valentine's gift idea for her, pick the glitter color of your choice, confetti hearts, liquid starch, and glitter glue.
Here's how to make a DIY Valentine's Slime:

  • Pour two cups of the glue into a mixing bowl and add in any extra glitter you like. 
  • Optional: Throw in some aromatic essential oils.
  • Add two cups of liquid starch until you have reached your desired, slime-like consistency.
  • Package this in an old glass candle jar or clear plastic container for a gooey, messy, fun DIY gift! 
Pink slime in a woman's hand

4. DIY Valentine's Treats

Sometimes the best present you can give someone is something you make in your kitchen.

Find your favorite sugar cookie or brownie recipe and have your kids help you gather and measure the ingredients. 

If you're making sugar cookies, roll out the dough and let your little ones go crazy with the heart-shaped cookie cutters. Supervise them closely and ensure it's not too hot before they handle it.

You can make this an extra-special baking treat for the kids by dipping your cookies into melted chocolate and then dunking them into a separate bowl of sprinkles for a truly gourmet dessert. 

Here's a simple DIY Valentine's Day cupcake recipe from Ollie.

5. Reasons I Love You Envelopes

Studies show that the couples who have the highest rate of marital satisfaction are those who regularly express gratitude for one another

Make this your reality by making this romantic DIY Valentine's gift idea for him. 

  • Start with 10 envelopes and write different titles on each of them. For example, "I love you because you can always make me laugh"
  • Take out some fancy paper and write your sweetheart a letter about why you love them. Share a cute or funny memory together. 
  • Write out 10 different letters and get the kids in on it. 
Some ideas to write on this cute Valentine's Day DIY gift:

  • I love you because... You are a great dad!
  • I love you because... You sweep me off my feet.
  • I love you because... You are weird, just like me.
  • I love you because... You're my best friend.
I love you note written by a fiancee

Valentine's Day DIY Gift Ideas for the Whole Family 

Do-It-Yourself gifts are a fantastic choice for this love-filled day because they come directly from the heart. Not only are they thoughtful, but the recipient of your gesture will love knowing that you put time and energy into making your cute Valentine's Day DIY gift. 

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