Travelling in 2019? Read this first

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Travelling in 2019?

If you’ve got plans to head abroad and travel the world in 2019 then I’m sure that your already packed, got your route planned and decided on the first thing you’re going to do as soon as you land at your first destination. But, before you say goodbye and jump on that plane, take a look at our checklist for travelling in 2019 and make sure you remembered to do these too!

Travelling in 2019? Read this first 

Your insurance
travel insurance
You might already have your travel insurance sorted, so if anything happens to your luggage, if your flight is cancelled or if there’s a problem with the airline then you’ll be covered. But what about your medical travel insurance?

Getting yourself some travel medical insurance – through uhc safetrip for example, will ensure that if anything happens to you while you’re abroad then you are covered medically. This could be anything from tripping in the foyer of your accommodation and breaking your leg to chipping your tooth on a sweet treat at the local market.

It will also ensure you have access to the best medical care, transportation to the hospital and – if the worst should happen – repatriation home.

Head to your GP

general practitioner clinic
Heading to your GP before you travel ensures that you have a clean bill of health before you head off on your next big adventure. It’s a great opportunity to discuss any niggling medical problems you’ve been putting up with – like a nasty cough or a rash – and then eliminating the possibility of them ruining your travel plans further down the line.

Take the opportunity to pick up prescriptions, get yourself sorted with contraception options, you could even book a cervical sweep before you travel, so you don’t miss it and make sure you have all the relevant vaccinations too!

Your passport

There’s nothing more worrying then having your passport stolen. So, if the worst should happen – make sure you have a back up plan. Make copies of your passport and have them with you, you could also leave a copy back home with someone you trust as well as having an electronic copy stored in your emails.

Get in touch with your embassy

You have to expect the unexpected when travelling, so registering with your embassy at your destination means that if something happens or there’s a problem within the country then your government will be able to contact you quickly and get you to safety.

Your tickets

plane tickets
If you already have places, venues or activities in mind then see if you can book online and in advance. That way, you don’t have to worry about missing out, and you can even skip the endless queue of tourists!


You might have an entire evening at the local market planned, trying new foods and experiencing local life. But had you done a little research then you might have known about the local festival that was happening on the other side of town. Avoid missing out on once in a lifetime opportunities by doing a little research before you go and don’t worry about “spoiling the spontaneity”.

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