Common Ways to Lose Money When Traveling to New Zealand

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Common Ways to Lose Money When Traveling to New Zealand

The worst thing you can ever wish for when travelling to exotic destinations like New Zealand is to lose your of money. You need money to get going with the journey and the moment you lose it, that will be the onset of a lot of miseries for that particular trip. However, some people who end up losing money do so because they never take the necessary precautions they ought to take to keep their money safe, as well as their other belongings.

To help you out and to ensure that you have a pleasant trip to New Zealand, here are some ways through which people lose money when traveling and if you are keen enough to avoid them, you will have nothing to worry about losing your cash.

Ways to Lose Money when Traveling New Zealand 

Reserving a seat

Some airlines have the habit of making you pay for the seat that you travel in. Most travelers see this as a convenience, but it is an unnecessary way to lose money when traveling. At the time of booking, you will always be given an option to reserve a seat.

Kindly note that this is just an option but not an actual requirement for you to secure a seat in that flight, neither is it a requirement for you to buy the ticket. Therefore, always make it a habit of going by the seat that you will be assigned by the airline.

It is always expensive to try to choose a seat you'd prefer to use during the flight when any other seat within the flight will still do.

Converting money at the airport

currency exchange
In any airport you land in, you will always find money exchange bureaus conveniently located so that you can easily walk up to them and exchange your currencies. However, this is another way through which so many travelers lose money.

The exchanges at the airport are usually very expensive, and if you could just take your time and exchange your money somewhere else downtown, you will always find better rates and thus find better value for your money.

Though tempting and it looks convenient that you'll be able to change your money the moment you land, if you want to get more, never use the exchanges at the airport to get the local currency.

Having more than carry-on luggage

Carry-on luggage
Airlines know that most people don't know how to pack when traveling and so this is another avenue they use to maximize on their returns. Every time you carry more luggage than what is expected in the carry-on bag, they are very high chances that your bag may exist the airline limits and as a result, you will attract extra charges for the extra cargo.

If you're traveling to a place like New Zealand, you only need to know the prevailing weather conditions and then carry just enough clothes to keep you comfortable. But if you carry bags upon bags of unnecessary things you may not even need during the trip, expect to lose a lot of money due to extra charges following your excess luggage.

Gambling away your money

The nightlife in New Zealand is quite exciting. There's always something for everyone and for those who love gambling, there are several casinos you can visit and try to make some fortune. But the problem with most people is that they don't know how to gamble and the temptation to gamble while traveling is always strong in so many of them.

To them, they see gambling as a way of increasing their money so that I can have more to spend while they are away. But this is never recommended even if you to visit the best New Zealand casinos. However much you consider yourself a gambler, this is one thing you should not do when traveling because there are no guarantees you will win and you are exposing your money to significant losses. Once the man is gone all you'll have will be misery for the rest of your trip.

Not knowing how to book connecting flights correctly

book connecting flights
If you know that you'll be using connecting flights, then you have to be very careful about how you book the connecting flights.

A mistake that so many people make is to keep the flights so closely that they have higher chances of missing the flight should there be a delay. You should have in mind that flights getting delayed is a normal occurrence and it's something you have no control over.

When you are thinking about booking connecting flights, leave at least a room of about 3 hours so that you can organize yourself should one flight delay. Besides, if you'll be traveling to a completely new airport, you may not know how far the terminals are apart and you might easily find yourself missing a flight and having to pay extra for another flight.

Avoiding travel insurance

Avoiding travel insurance
There are so many things that can go wrong when you're traveling, and which may end up costing you a lot of money. One of the ways people take care of unforeseen expenses during their trips is to take travel insurance. For example, you don't know when you may fall ill and require urgent medical care.

You also don't know when you may get an emergency back at home that requires you to travel back immediately and with such, you will be required to get new tickets for your flights. In the absence of travel insurance, these and any other emergency will make dig deeper into your pocket to get the funds to take care of them.

However, with travel insurance, such will not worry you financially because the insurance will take care of them. Therefore, if you don't want to lose money when traveling, always ensure that you have travel insurance.

The other avenues that may also see you lose a lot of money when traveling are using taxis from the airport, getting accommodation in expensive hotels or neighborhoods, and going with all the extras when renting a car. Watch out for these and you will save some good money on your next trip to New Zealand.

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  1. A very good post. Good thing you have highlighted the travel insurance. People often ignore it.
    Happy New Year 2019:)

  2. I don't gamble, so I won't lose money that way! I don't bother booking a seat either because there really is no point >> You have to be very careful with luggage weight and carry on because it is such an easy way to lose a lot of money. And I'm always very careful choosing where to convert... it's important to know how much things should cost because they often up the prices for tourists!!

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