Enjoy A Pick-Me-Up At These 6 Coffee Shops In Montclair

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Enjoy A Pick-Me-Up At These 6 Coffee Shops In Montclair

Montclair, New Jersey is a funky downtown and most desirable holiday destination for those looking for stunning arts scenes, delectable cuisines, and heritage sites. 

While you are visiting there for a fun vacation you can stay at one of the many recommended hotels around Montclair and explore the best local coffee shops in the area.

6 Coffee Shops in Montclair 

1. Red Eye Café

The Red Eye is a small hip café with a flavorful menu and very friendly staff serving creative brunch/lunch and delicious coffees in large cups. 

A two-minute walk from the Walnut Street train station, it is a perfect place for quiet conversation, reading, and studying. 

They specialize in “Dirty Chai,” a chai latte with a shot of espresso; brewed Kombucha; and a coffee latte. 

Additionally, their omelets, banana bread, Highlander, Beetnik Sandwich, and smoked salmon sandwich are divine.

Red Eye Café Coffee Shops In Montclair

2. Local Coffee

Located around the corner from Watchung Avenue Station, Local Coffee is decorated with cool local artwork and outdoor seating. 

They serve rich coffee and offer gluten-free baked goods. 

Their Funktado Cortado, which is a double espresso shot with cayenne and other spices, is simply perfection. 

They also specialize in matcha latte, soy latte, and hot chocolate with almond. 

Their most recommended donuts are the hibiscus, lemon poppy, and dough donuts.

Local Coffee - Coffee Shops In Montclair

3. Java Love Coffee Roasting Co.

If you are looking for a perfect cup of coffee and are environmentally conscious, Java Love Coffee Roasting Co has you covered, since they use only compostable cups.

This place serves great cappuccino, lattes, and chai lattes, and their "Dirty Grandma" chai is quite popular with the locals. 

Although they serve only coffee and pastries, they offer chocolate croissants and "Monuts," which is a muffin that is made with donut batter. 

You can easily reach them by taking a one-minute walk from Upper Montclair station.

Java Love Coffee Roasting Co. Coffee Shops In Montclair

4. Bluestone Coffee Co.

This is a cute breakfast spot with a cozy and inviting ambiance on Watchung Avenue, just a three-minute walk from Watchung Station. 

Enjoy fresh on-site roasted coffee with a sumptuous breakfast and other specialties including Belgian waffles, zucchini frittata, breakfast quesadilla, eggs Benedict, Spanish omelette, Challah french toast, and spiced chai latte.

Image via Flickr by Ruth and Dave

5. Trend Coffee & Tea House

If you are looking for a decent and cozy entertaining experience coupled with extraordinary coffee and yummy dishes then you must visit Trend Coffee House at Bloomfield Avenue. 

Trend offers a sinful variety of coffees and teas, like espresso, café mocha, cappuccino, mango passion fruit tea, chai latte, and yogic chai. 

They specialize in vegan pastries, the most delectable of which is the famous “Apple Pie”.

Their signature salads, sandwiches, and wraps are also very special and worth coming back for.

Trend Coffee & Tea House Coffee Shops In Montclair

6. Blend Coffee House

Blend Coffee House is a hidden gem on Broad Street, in nearby Bloomfield. 

They serve 20 diverse varieties of coffee with delectable homemade cookies, yummy pastries, and desserts. 

They are famous for their dirty chai, custom-made frozen latte, vanilla latte, caramel coconut coffee, and virgin Irish coffee, along with their delicious Spinach feta quiche, blueberry muffin, and rice pudding.

Blend Coffee House Coffee Shops In Montclair

Montclair has more than 100 restaurants, coffee shops, and cafés serving visitors and locals every day with delicious dishes and beverages from around the world.

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