10 Best Graduation Gifts For College Students

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10 Best Graduation Gifts For College Students
Do you remember your college graduation? Or are you currently a student who is about to graduate? I remember when I graduated college. Anticipation, jitters, excitement, relief. That feeling of finally you are about to join the "real" world. It is a rewarding moment. So, what can you give someone (or yourself) who is about to make this important milestone? Here are 10 best graduation gifts for college students.

10 Best Graduation Gifts for College Students

New suitcase

The new college graduate would probably be relocating for a job opportunity. Or travel and unwind before starting the grind. Either way, a suitcase would be an amazing graduation gift.


Instant coffee maker

Instant coffee always saves the day for most people; especially when you’re starting with a graveyard shift. Coffee is so helpful for keeping your mind awake and alert. Instant coffee maker would be much appreciated by the coffee lover graduate.

The gift of health

It’s a different set of challenges when you’re out of school and into the real world. You have to be physically ready too. Give the gift of 52 Healing Habits. Our habits contribute to our health; whether for the better or worse. A FabFit Subscription, a gym membership or vouchers for the spa would also be awesome gifts.

Investment membership

After graduation, you either work or start your own business, right? How to make sure the money you earn will multiply through time? Know how to save and invest. Investing your money will go to waste if you don’t have the right mindset, team of experts who will guide you, and a ready heart.

The Truly Rich Club is an awesome place to start with when investing. It goes beyond investing---it goes beyond making money and being rich in the material sense of the word. It’s about abundance in every area of your life. Thus, it is a great gift for someone starting to earn and making a mark in the world.

Truly Rich Club

Graduation Stole

What’s a graduation without a graduation stole? Don’t just give any stole though, give something that tells a story and that is more than just an accessory. The years prior to this day is filled with stories---both good and bad that contributes to the whole picture. Kente stole is perfect for that. A customizable kente stole could tell of the journey that has been leading to this special day and even the journey that is yet to be taken.

Fine wrist watch

Let your college graduate look stylish and smart with a fine wrist watch. It is symbolic too! Time’s up for school. Time for a new beginning. Or that you will always give them your time if they need it.

Despite smartphones being able to tell time, a fine watch could be a stylish accessory and also a functional tool.

If you choose a timepiece with good quality, it can last a long time and they can even pass it on as heirloom.


If your loved one graduating from college has a thing for writing, a journal is a thoughtful gift. There is something about keeping a journal that helps not only exercise your brains but is also therapeutic. Unloading your concerns and worries on a journal makes it easier to tackle life.


If they’re more of a digital person (most people nowadays are), a laptop is a really helpful and practical gift. Whether for the nature of their work or business, laptop can help them organize their files, transact, document or even keep in touch with you.

Technology is a gift to mankind and laptop is becoming a necessity now in this digital era.

Work bag

Wouldn’t it be better if they go to an interview or walk in to apply and look professional? First impression is important when you are just establishing a career. That is why a lot of people are “power dressing”.

It is important to look smart and professional. It is advantageous if you want to be ahead of the game. Not only will you look like you really mean business and the big bosses or potential clients and customers will take you seriously, it has a psychological effect in you.

A nice work bag will finish that professional look. Give them a presentable, smart looking bag. They would also need the bag to keep their things wherever they go so that’s a really usable gift.

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." -Miuccia Prada



For the graduating student, be ready mentally and emotionally. But also, don't forget to celebrate. You've worked hard for it so you deserve every gift you receive. Whether it’s material things or the support, presence and love of people close to your heart, relish it. This is your day of harvest. Enjoy and congrats!

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