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Tips To Keep Your House Clean And Tidy This Summer

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The chore of keeping the house neat and orderly often seems like an impossible task, especially when the kids are out of school. However, a well-kept home really can be obtainable by simply changing up the tactics. Here are some tips for making it easier to maintain a tidy and sparkling clean house during the summer break. 

Tips to Keep Your House Clean and Tidy this Summer 

Assign Age-Appropriate Chores to the Kids

Make a weekly chore schedule and get the whole family involved in the daily tasks. Kids should not only be accountable for cleaning up after themselves, but they should be responsible for age appropriate chores throughout the house.

Examples of chores for kids include:
  • Dusting furniture and baseboards 
  • Vacuuming 
  • Sweeping floors and outside porches 
  • Folding and putting away laundry 
  • Sorting socks 
  • Picking up toys 
  • Caring for the family pets 
  • Setting the table for dinner 
  • Clearing the table after dinner 
  • Putting dishes in the dishwasher 
  • Emptying the dishwasher 
  • Making beds 
  • Emptying trash cans 

Prevent Infestations with a Scheduled Monthly Pest Control Service

Your house is never truly clean without monthly pest control maintenance. An infestation of bugs or mice can spread diseases to your family and pets. Insects and rodents can contaminate your food with urine and feces. A monthly visit from a reputable outdoor pest control service can help keep the bugs away.

Fifteen Minute Daily Bathroom Clean-up

One of the most difficult rooms to keep clean is the bathroom, as it can get dirty very quickly. The best bathroom cleaning time saving tip is to spray the shower head after every use with a scrub free shower cleaner. In addition, performing these daily bathroom cleaning tips will keep the room looking fresh and clean.

  • Clean the inside of the toilet bowl daily with a cup of bleach or toilet bowl cleaner. 
  • Use a bathroom cleaner, or a spray bottle with equal parts water and white vinegar. Spray the solution on a cloth and wipe sinks, faucets, counter tops and outside of toilet 
  • Use paper towels and window cleaner to wipe down mirrors and shower doors 
  • Shake out the bathroom rugs and bath mat 
  • Sweep the floor 
If you, or one of your older children, do the above daily bathroom chores, plus clean the baseboards and mop the bathroom floor weekly, your bathroom will be easy to keep clean and tidy.

Fifteen Minute Daily Bathroom Clean-up

Create Cleaning Habits that will Last a Lifetime

When you give your kids several daily tasks, you are teaching them responsibility and creating good habits that will likely stick with them throughout their lives. If everyone in the house cleans up after themselves and helps out with the daily chores, you will have less work to do and more time to spend with the family.

Leave Biohazardous Clean-up to the Professionals

Always remember that biohazardous clean-up should be left to well-trained technicians, such as professional biohazard cleanup companies. If you or your loved ones ever experience this, Advanced Bio Treatment can help.

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