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5 Things You Can Do To Be Happier Right Now

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5 Things You Can Do To Be Happier Right Now

Many of us believe that happiness is a destination that one must reach in order to enjoy it. We’ve been taught that happiness is that new job, that bigger salary, or that handsome/beautiful partner when in reality, true happiness comes from the inside. Since happiness is internal, you can experience right now. The best part is that no one can take it away from you. Here are 5 simple things you can do right now to experience a little happiness today.

5 Things You Can Do 

To Be Happier Right Now 

1. Express Gratitude

Start each day saying one thing you are thankful for. Is it your family? Is it your job? Is it your cat? Whatever it is, just express gratitude. In doing so, you slowly began to appreciate the small things that bring you joy.

These little moments of gratitude become little moments of happiness. Over time, saying thank you can become a habit and ultimately lose its impact on you. Each time you thank someone, reflect on what their actions mean to you and think about the little piece of joy they have granted you.

2. Be Generous

There is a saying that goes, “you make a living from what you get, but you make a life from what you give.” This saying is true. In order to feel happiness today, try being generous. You can be generous with so many things.

Your time, your attention, your words and your skills are all things that can only be found in one place in the world: YOU! Being generous is a sure fire way to be happier and you have so much to share with the world.

3. Identify One Thing You Love About You

Your uniqueness is a gift worth sharing. At no point in history will there be another person quite like you. You have talents and gifts that make you special. Identify them. Are you patient? Are you empathetic? Are you dedicated to self-improvement? Find your gift and cherish it. Understanding that you are fortunate to be yourself, even in small ways, allows you to be a little happier.

4. Tell Someone One Thing You Love About Them

Just as generosity brings happiness, so does kindness. When you tell someone about something special you see in them, you turn on a light for them. You let them know that they are special and that you appreciate them. This metaphorical light in turn becomes contagious and shines unto you as well.

This shining creates both a feeling of accomplishment because you made someone else happy, and a feeling of closeness because you’ve reminded yourself of the value another person brings into your life.

5. Smile

This tip may seem mundane, but it is scientifically proven that you can alter you emotionally state just by smiling. By physically acting out happiness, you can actually begin to experience it. Added bonus: smiling is contagious. When you smile, you subconsciously give others permission to do the same. This means that you’ll will be making others happy with your presence.

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  1. Yah,i believe it will make you happier

  2. Love these tips.
    All of these are so very important to feel happy from inside out.