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Shoes for Drummers: What are the Current Fashion Trends?

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Shoes for Drummers: What are the Current Fashion Trends?

Shoes for Drummers:

The Current Fashion Trends

Modern drummers are often faced with challenges in finding the right shoes that meet their desired needs. The desire for customized shoes for drummer started with Tom Beck in 1987 after failing to find perfect shoes. The key reason for a choice of the shoe is down to the fact that it determines the extent of a good performance.

The reasons as to why it is important to choose a particular shoes for a drummer is explained as follows;

First, it enhances the performance by ensuring that the body weight is transferred to the pedal as much as possible which gives a ripple effect to the electric performance.

Second, it reduces the chances of hurting the feet and harming one's tarsals in an event of a mishap

Third, finer shoes are the epitome of the quality performance by ensuring that the drummer doesn’t tire and get worn down early into the performance.

What do people need to look for while choosing a particular model?

The following factors form the basis of features one has to pay attention to while selecting shoes for purchase.

1.Pedal Grip

This basically defines the extent of the desired grip on the bass drum pedal. The shoes with more grip tend to cost a lot and they are the best as it has a slide double technique that makes motion stick on the pedal.

2. Weight

The shoes have to be accommodative and pile less pressure on the foot. The principle of effective drumming is to have the foot very light at all cost. Thus it is imperative for the shoe to be light to allow fast and intricate playing techniques to be performed. The size plays a key role especially if the drummer has to spend a chunk of time tracking the
drums for a record. 


The material has to be friendly and less restrictive. It should be warm and not stiff. In essence, it should make the feet comfortable bring the natural feel to the feet while playing the drum. Thus look for flexible materials that don’t wear easily under pressure. Canvas and leathers or suede type of material are the best choices. 

4. Sole profile

The sole being the Last spot which interacts with the surface for drummers plays a significant role. Thus shoes which have a tendency to change the posture of the wearer is a deterrent. Thus shoes with a flat bottom are the best option while heels are highly discouraged. The best alternative for a drummer in this scenario is the basketball and skate shoes owing to the design of their sole.

drummers in the street

In conclusion, the drummers should avoid heavy shoes with big soles as well as poor synthetic materials. Heels should be given a wide birth. Colors don’t matter as such unless the weather dictates so as in the case of black leather on a hot sunny day, should be avoided.

The choice of shoes varies from person to person on the personal preference, however, the above points are highly recommended for the quality playing of a drummer.

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