11 Amazing Benefits Of Faux Trees For Corporate Landscaping

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Explore The Amazing Range Of Faux Trees For Corporate Landscaping

Artificial plants and landscaping products are available in a wide range of variety. Here’s are some of them:

  • Banyan trees, olive trees, sea grape trees, cedar, cypress, sequoia trees, palm trees, pine trees, and bonsai trees 
  • Boxwood plants, peace lily plants, azaleas, bougainvillea plants, yucca plants, silk ivy plants, ferns, cactus plants
  • Orchids, roses, hydrangeas, tulips, cherry blossoms, peonies, and various other gorgeous and vibrant faux flowers 

11 Amazing Benefits of Faux Trees for Corporate Landscaping

1. Versatile

Faux plants and trees can be used for both indoors as well as outdoors landscapes

2. Durable

The artificial plants and trees are extremely sturdy and durable. They don't break as easily as their real counterpart.

3. Weather-proof

They can withstand all kinds of outdoor weather conditions. 

It doesn’t matter whether you expose the plants and trees to harsh sunlight, excessive rain, and snowfall or even install the plants in a permanently air-conditioned facility. 

4. Long-lasting

These plants will not spoil, deteriorate or fade and lose their color.

5. Can be installed in a wide range of commercial and corporate settings

Artificial bonsai trees, artificial boxwood hedges, and pretty much all faux landscaping products can be installed in a wide range of corporate and commercial settings. 

Here’s a list of the places where the faux landscaping products are often installed:

  • Hotel lobbies, hotel parking lots, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, water parks, theme parks, amusement parks, and art galleries 
  • Office buildings, office pantries, office parking lots, office cabins, meeting rooms, conference rooms, trade shows, exhibition centers 

6. Fire retardant faux landscaping products for your safety

People are often apprehensive about installing faux landscaping products in their projects because artificial plants and trees are susceptible to catching fires.

You don’t need to worry about your corporate space going up in flames. 

The manufacturers of these landscaping products impregnate the raw materials with fire retardant chemicals.

These chemicals keep your corporate space danger-free.

7. Require minimum maintenance and care

The artificial landscaping products are easy to maintain. 

Unlike real plants the faux plants do not require regular watering, trimming, pruning, and fertilizing. 

A simple spray of water on the plants is enough to keep them dust-free and looking brand new and lush green. 

You will not need to hire a professional gardener to provide care and maintenance for the plants and will end up saving tons of money on a monthly basis.

8. Cost-effective and affordable products

Faux trees and plants are affordable

They can be purchased in large numbers for massive-sized corporate spaces without creating a dent in your savings.

The faux landscaping products are also available wholesale.

9. Lightweight and easy to move around

They can be transported easily because they're light. 

No need to hire laborers for large sums of money to shift the plants from one space to another.

10. Easy delivery and installation process

They can be delivered right to your doorstep. 

The installation process of the plants is also easy and simple

For those who want a professional to get the installation completed, the manufacturers and sellers have a team who will complete the entire landscape for you. 

No need to hire landscaping artists who charge a lot.

11. Can be used and re-used as per requirement

They have an extremely long shelf life.

Faux trees can be used and re-used many times. When not in use, they can be stored away easily.

An event planner or a wedding planner can invest in the landscaping products to use in the d├ęcor of their event. 

Once the event is over, they can store the plants away until the next event or function. 

If you wish to install a landscape in your corporate space, installing these faux plants would be a great idea. 

These plants give the surroundings a vibrant, colorful, and visually pleasing vibe that can help motivate your staff in their work.

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  2. I had no idea there was such a variety of these products. They look like they really spruce up an area. :)

  3. Wow, this post was interesting and quite informative. I didn't know that we have these many varieties of indoor plants that we can use for decoration.