Top 3 Tips For Using Tinder For Your Solo Travel

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Top 3 Tips For Using Tinder For Your Solo Travel

Traveling by yourself is so 2018! If you're thinking about taking a break from it all, traveling to a distant country, exploring new cultures, and pulling an “Eat Pray Love", now is as good a time as any. You wouldn’t believe how many ways there are to do this, provided you can take a couple of months off work or quit altogether and look for another job when you come back refreshed, recharged, and reborn.

When you get to your dream destination, you can meet local bikers to show you the ropes, connect with an expat group and explore the sights with someone from your own culture, or use Tinder to meet single locals and put a whole new spin on your adventure.

Today, we take a look at how you can use Tinder or any other international dating site or app to spice up your travel, take a real step outside your comfort zone, and live life with zero expectations, limits or time constraints (for as much of it as you have to give).

Top 3 Tips For Using Tinder

For Your Solo Travel 

#1: Check Out The Dating Scene Before You Go

Say you’ve never been to Malaysia, but are just dying to go. You don’t know anybody there, which is kind of the point of your whole trip, so what do you do? You check out the local dating scene before you get there to lower the chance of disappointment to a minimum.

Mind you, this costs extra because Tinder only lets you connect with other users at your current location, but at a price of a few cocktails, it’s definitely worth your investment. On the other hand, if you don't feel like paying to meet singles from across the globe, OKCupid lets you change your location and swipe outside your current location at no cost.

#2: To Tell Or Not To Tell

Whether you decide to be upfront about your length of stay is up to you. Lots of Tinder users out there are not happy to meet someone super exciting only to find out they're just passing through their town. On the other hand, omitting this important detail doesn’t necessarily mean deception because you can openly state in your profile you're looking for a casual romance.

Finally, you can say you're looking for someone to show you everything there is to know about the place you're visiting, especially if they’re cute, single, and preferably sane. Speaking of sanity, you can never be too careful, so keep your eyes and ears open for anything suspicious, and if at one point something starts to smell fishy, just get out of there as soon as possible and move on.

#3: Asking For Tips Often Leads To Drinks

Asking your matches for tips on what to do while visiting their town can turn into them getting tired of typing up everything there is to do, and just asking you if you were OK with them showing you around. Locals are pretty efficient that way, and if they turn out to be cute, you’ll get your own "Tindering while Traveling” adventure.

“What time is the last subway", "How much is cab fare" or "Is the water safe here to drink for tourists" are all questions you can use to break the ice with someone and chat them up to see if they're into you. If, however, they don't turn out to be as interesting or as honest as you'd hoped, don't let it put a damper on the vacation of your life, and try to treat a bad date as you would at home, with as little dwelling on it as possible.

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  2. Heard about Tinder, definitely not for me. Anyway, without tinder, I have been doing fine on my solo travels.