Why Choose an Ethanol Table Top Fire Place

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Why Choose an Ethanol Table Top Fire Place

In this fast pace world where everything is entailed to be quick, no one wants to indulge in a chore that takes major chunk of your time to complete. Things working at a slower velocity and rapidity are not being much appreciated. Anything done from the scratch or the very traditional way is quite an obsolete phenomenon these days.

However, things which consume lesser time to give equivalent results are much appreciated and valued highly. People want instant results with anything that is manageable effortlessly, is handy, requires lesser man power, and is environment friendly.

Here we are coming up with statistics why ethanol table top fire places have an edge over the traditional fire pits. Why is there an increasing trend of acquiring table top fire places available at Ethanol Fireplace Pros against the conventional fire pits?

Why Choose an Ethanol Table Top Fire Place?

These small heating units are personal heating support systems which allow us to save on our utility bills. It is a commonly known fact that operating cost of a furnace amplifies, as the thermostat is raised each degree. While using these fire places we have the luxury of keeping only that unit of the house warm which is being currently occupied by the people as it is highly portable.

They may not only be used as a warming machine but also serve the purpose of a decorative element around the house or even outdoors. It gives character to your table setting and enhances the visual appeal.

Over the period of time, it is very obvious why have ethanol fireplaces have become so trendy. After being featured on the most famous TV shows like The Block and The renovators, these adorable pieces of delicacy have taken the world by storm. So, before you head out to grab your favorite pieces we present to you some essential information you need to know.


Evaluate your requirement before you put your hands on one. Do you want it for mere decoration reason or for heating purposes? With this you will determine the size and model of the fire place you want to opt for. There are units which have smaller burners which produce lesser heat and are basically used for aesthetic reasons. Units with larger burners will generate greater amount of heat.


Are you looking for a fixed or portable fireplace? The portable ones can be carried along where ever you move around in the house. While they may not be suitable for the outdoor exposure.

ethanol table outside


After you are done with deciding on the functionality and types of the fireplaces, then comes the price bracket in action. Select the ones which fulfill your requirements of burner capacity and material used.


Table top fire places are considered to be absolutely safe if used according to the desired protocol. However, you must keep in mind the worst case scenario that open flames and flammable liquids always have the tendency to catch fire.

ethanol fire place

Tip: Now as you are done with evaluating the necessary factors, go out and explore the market. Look into options that are the most suitable for your interior ambiance, space availability, color schemes and styles that highly compliment your d├ęcor.

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