7 Decorating Essentials To Make Your House Standout

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7 Decorating Essentials To Make Your House Standout

You must have seen those larger than life houses in the movies; where everything appears extremely luxurious and exquisite. It makes drool admiring dainty and impeccable accessories. You start making plans and wishlists of the most sought after decorative items you would like to include in your dream house.

We are well aware that building a house and then coming up with its interior design concepts and schemes is not only grueling but also expensive. To enrich and to spruce up your living space is a  personal choice, and why should it not be. Everyone needs to live in a place that is decorated and build up according to their own needs, requirements and liking.

But the entire process does not necessarily require to exceed your budgeting capacity. It can really be a smooth blend of most desirable expensive items and pretty looking not so expensive ones.

The freedom to decide is yours but allow us to suggest some uber chic, fascinating, elegant, voguish and exclusive items that are must have in one’s dream house. So, splurge, invest and spice up the entire look of your house. Be it inside or the outside landscaping, both need to be paid attention to.

7 Decorating Essentials

#1 Flooring

Let’s start with the basics. Flooring is the most essential aspect to give a luxurious look to your entire space. Flooring along with the color combinations you select area great way to add value, splendor and vigor to the place. It reflects its beauty and shine on other items to compliment their placement around. In this modern era, there exist a vast variety of choices to choose from like wooden flooring, tiles, marbles, hardwood, bamboo cork etc.


#2 Statement Lighting

The more the place is lit up, the more splendors it emits. Get your hands on a statement chandelier, floor lamps, table lamps, fairy lights, or decorative candles. All these many forms of lightings enhance the aura of your already exquisite living space.

#3 Wall Fountains

What can be more ornamental and resplendent than having a wall fountain in the vicinity of your house? How amazing and uber chic it would be to have the cascading sound of flowing water to soothe and relax you from a long tiring day. You may not need to fly to a tropical paradise by installing a wall fountains that creates and oasis of tranquility in your own backyard. Soothing walls has a wide variety of water fountains, have a look to grab one that suits your taste.

Wall Fountains
photo credit: Soothing Walls

#4 Rugs and Runners

Intricately woven with bright colors, these rugs and runners may add an instant exclusiveness and dazzling effect to the room.

#5 Vintage Love

There has to be one thing around the house that is termed as vintage. Anything vintage adds tremendous character and existence to your house like nothing else does. It defines your exquisite aesthetic sense and attention to details.

#6 Window Treatments

Naked windows give a very cold, detached and impersonal look to the surroundings. They desire to be covered with drapes, blinds or painted according to the theme of the room or your taste.

Window Treatments

#7 Ottomans

Traditional and the trendiest ornament to embellish your living space with. It looks regal, chic and vibrant to have the ottomans placed where you think there is an empty space to be filled either in the hallways or in your study corner. It comes in handy and easier to move around.

Splurge and spruce up your dream living space, as you like it!

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  1. Really cute tips! Thanks for sharing!!
    Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  2. Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day

  3. Thanks for the tips ~ If only I got the cash right now..ha..ha...

  4. I've been decorating my room here at uni and even though I can't change anything, I feel like I have learned a lot! I think flooring and especially what the wall colours are and what is on the walls is so important!

  5. I like how you break it down into these 7 elements. Right now I need to focus on window treatments in my own home.

  6. Nice tips! love the details!!
    Mónica Sors

  7. Omg, I would LOVE a wall fountain, how cool!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. I'm all about that vintage stuff ...

  9. I have never been to anyone's house who has a water element on the wall- though I think it would be quite soothing. :)

  10. nice tips. I'm for anything that brings beauty in living spaces.