How to Avoid Cluster Flies at Home

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How to Avoid Cluster Flies at Home

One of the biggest nuisances for a homeowner are cluster flies that number in the thousands. These pesky creatures enter your home from the small gaps in your roof and live in the voids of your walls and thrive in open spaces like your attic.

Unlike most fly species, cluster flies are not attracted to foul smells and rotting food sources. These flies feast on nectar from wildflowers, and they lay the eggs during the spring. These eggs turn into adults very quickly so you must install the proper fly traps to nip the infestation in the bud. Visit vectothor.com for more information about the best cluster fly traps money can buy. 

How to Avoid Cluster Flies at Home

The best way to avoid cluster flies is to take preventative measures, know the signs of an infestation, and exterminate an infestation before it becomes a full-scale fly storm.

The best way to stymie any pest infestation is to set up preventative measures around your home. These pests enter your home many ways, but they mostly come in through small holes near your attic. 

To prevent these creatures from entering your home you must seal up any small opening around your home. Flies aren’t particularly sophisticated in their efforts to come into your house, so using any standard caulking will effectively seal up your home. 

In addition to plugging up all the small spaces around your house, you should also spray insecticide around the roof of your home to keep these pests at bay.

When pests enter your home it’s important to properly identify them so you can take precautions for that specific pest. Every summer is sure to have a fly or two come in your house, and this is not a cause for concern. 

You will need to worry if you start finding clusters of 5-10 flies gathering around windows, or high places in the ceiling where they can’t be bothered. You can identify these flies because they are considerably larger than common house flies. 

Oddly enough, when you kill these flies they will give off an aroma similar to honey, because of their diet consisting of sweet wild nectar. Lastly, if you hear an incessant buzzing sound coming from your walls, it’s either a beehive or a cluster of flies. Either way, you should have a professional come to your home to eradicate the problem.

When you have determined that you have a cluster fly infestation it’s important to exterminate the entire cluster before they begin to lay eggs. There are several methods to kill these pests. You can try placing out electric traps to zap these small bugs. This is effective because cluster flies have a strong attraction to bright lights, but not the end all solution. 

When these flies come together in giant clusters you can easily kill a huge portion of the colony by using a vacuum hose to suck up as many as you can. Make sure to expose of the vacuum bag outside, so they don’t escape inside your home.

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  1. Ugh---these cluster flies sound awful. I just blogged about a termite infestation we had last week. I HATE bugs!!

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    have an happy day

  3. You know, living in Florida, the only way to go is just to hire a year round pest control service. We've never had problems with flies, but carpenter ants who dig into the walls, termites, and roaches. Ugh. It's a constant battle, but prevention really is the key.

  4. Yes, appreciated. Thank you for the infor. I need it.

  5. Bugs are blah in every way. The vacuum trick sure sounds like a good way.

  6. Hi, Lux!

    Thanks for these tips. Here in Florida the weather is warm nine months of the year and insects breed vigorously. We use a professional pest control service year 'round and so far have not experienced an infestation of cluster flies, roaches, termites or any other type of bug.

    Thanks again for the helpful advice, dear friend Lux!