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5 Tips For Beach Ready Hair

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5 Tips For Beach Ready Hair

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting away to sunnier climates this summer, or even if you’re staying at home, chances are you’ll be spending time at the beach at some point or other – even hanging out round the swimming pool.

Now, some of us are completely blessed with the type of hair that just gleams, no matter what we do with it. The type of hair that can be immersed in sea water or the pool for hours yet still dries perfectly in the sun.

Others aren’t so blessed and the thought of going to the pool with hair like a scarecrow is more of a reality! If this sounds like you – you don’t need to worry anymore because we have some great tips for stunning, beach-ready hair that will take you from beach to pool to bar without you needing to disappear indoors wondering what you can do to re-style without starting from scratch!

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5 Tips For Beach Ready Hair

Before we start, you’ll need a few hair products and hair tools. Firstly, as you’re going into the sun a very good quality professional hair shampoo and conditioner is a must. Buy one which suits your hair type, and avoid those with sulphate as an ingredient because this can build up on your scalp and cause irritation. Invest in a hair treatment product to re-hydrate dry hair, especially important after a day at the beach.

Take Moroccan or Argan oil with you and always have a heat protecting spray in your suitcase. If you can, avoid any heated styling tools but we know this is very difficult in reality, so buy tools of good quality with ceramic, tourmaline or titanium coating to limit any stress on your hair when styling. For instance, a quality ceramic straightening brush is less damaging than using daily a classical straightener. 

Take a selection of hair scrunchies, bands and pretty clips with you because even the simplest of styles can look different with a few cute hair accessories. 

Finally – take a hat – a sexy braid peeking out the bottom of a big floppy hat is sometimes all you need to look like the pool’s glamour puss!

You should always rinse out your hair after using the pool or being in the sea because the chemicals of the pool and the salt water of the sea can play havoc with the condition of your hair and if you have coloured hair it could alter it. Before you go to the beach use a heat protecting spray especially if you aren’t going to be wearing a hat, this will protect hair from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Here are some easy hairstyle ideas for beach hair:

1. Simply pony tail – always fail-safe, keeps hair out of the way and is a very comfortable way of wearing hair in the sun. Add some pretty clips to make hair more interesting and if you want to change your pony tail, give hair at your forehead some lift, fix this area with clips and then tie the rest back. For an easy update, tie your pony tail to the side and if it’s long enough, braid it, use a slim ribbon through the braid to match your swimwear for a pretty twist.

2. While on the subject of braids, why not add in lots of little braids to your hair and tie them all back behind your head? This is a soft and pretty way to wear beach hair.

3. Braid your hair before you go to bed and in the morning loosen out the braids for cute waves. Separate the curls using your fingers and apply a little serum to tame any flyaway hair. You could wear your hair half up with this style too for a tousled, casual and carefree look.

4. If you really can’t find any way of wearing your hair by the pool, wash it, condition it and comb a treatment through it. Slick a little styling cream through too and secure it at the nape of your neck for a sultry, chic poolside look.

5. Using a slim hair band, push the front of your hair back and then with the slim end of a comb, gently pull a little hair through at the front to give it some lift. Secure the back in a messy bun using bobby pins or a pony tail twisting the end of the pony tail around itself and fixing with pins.

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About the Author: Katie
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