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Finding great fashions when you’re a woman with curves can be difficult, even if the fashion industry has started embracing plus sized fashions in the past couple of years. After all, a lot has happened in terms of curvier ladies becoming more visible and their bodies being viewed as desirable and sexy, and things have come a long way even since 2014 - plus size model Ashley Graham has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated and there’s a whole lot more discussion around body positivity than there was even a few years ago.

Body positivity itself is a simple concept - anyone can be beautiful, regardless her size - but it’s somewhat difficult to embrace when you’ve grown up hearing about how you need to lose weight to look good and that you should be ashamed of your body.

Fat shaming is psychologically damaging, and it’s a great thing that now things are starting to come around and women no longer must conform to some unattainable standard to look and feel beautiful.

Still, it can be difficult to know what looks great on you and where to find it when you’ve spent most of your life being bombarded with negative messages about your body. Thus, you might need some inspiration as far as shopping for stylish women’s wear goes so that you can find something that you look stunning in.

Great Styles that are Also Affordable

Finding great fashions that are also affordable is difficult enough on its own, and when you’re a plus size gal looking for great fashions this can be infinitely harder. You might have tried going to your local Walmart, but that’s not really the best option for finding the best styles over something that’s cheap and looks it.

If you want gently used full-figure clothing, you do have a few options out there for finding some great looks. Used clothing is of course an affordable way to get great fashions, but if you’re particularly curvy you might have some trouble finding much in your local thrift store - but then this is where going online can help you out a bit. You can get a wider selection, and as far as used clothing is concerned there’s a lot more variety as to where it comes from than would be the case if you limited yourself just to what you can find near where you live.

Blogs Can Inspire You

Different styles of clothing suit different body types, and there are a lot of great fashion blogs out there which demonstrate to curvy women some styles that you can look absolutely stunning in there even if it might not have occurred to you.

If the fashion industry ignored different body types over the years except for anyone who’s skinny and white, the recent acceptance of other bodies as being beautiful still comes with some limiting views of what’s flattering - views that aren’t necessarily founded in truth.

There are definitely certain styles which are more flattering for curvy women, but because everyone’s body is different there’s no reason to think that a particular style won’t suit you just because of the way you’re shaped unless you try it out - you might well be surprised at what you actually look good in - there are thousands of items out there in sizes 12 - 34 that have been gently worn and flatter curvy women’s bodies.

Size is Important

Depending on your shape, there are inevitably certain styles that you'll look good in. It's difficult to suggest one thing or the other based on size alone, because everyone's body is shaped differently and just because you're a bit curvy doesn't mean that you look like other women with curves. For instance, if you're curvy but have a small waist then hourglass figures will look great on you, but if you don't have a tiny waist then you might be better off in something like a maxi dress or a wraparound.

When you’re selecting clothing, it’s important to shop for the right size - already a complicated affair because sizes vary so much by brand, but this gets even more difficult when you go online since it’s not like you can try something on before purchasing it. Thus, it’s very important to understand how sizes work and what they mean before you buy something, if you want to be sure that it fits you - you should know exactly what size charts mean.

Many styles that suit curvy women are relatively free fitting - maxi dresses and wraparounds are great because they can look great on a variety of body types and you don’t have to worry too much if the size is a slight bit off from what you might have thought.


Discovering great styles for a great price can be easy if you know where to look, and you’ll have little trouble finding something that also fits you well if you follow the size charts. Beyond that, finding great fashions that flatter your body essentially boils down to your aesthetic choices - and if you’re unsure of what looks good on your body type there’s no dearth of blogs that you can look at for aesthetic inspiration.

Quite simply, you shouldn’t assume that you can’t find stylish women’s wear that’s also affordable just because you’re not shaped like the average supermodel - and gently used fashions can be a great option for this.

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